• Every Wednesday, our students attend an Advisory period following Community Meeting.

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    The Purpose of Advisory: 

    Working together with purpose:

    • Be a team that actively supports each other and views each other with interest. 
    • Accomplishing this will address a number of the state career development goals in the Common Core Standards! Love has a purpose. 
    • To build effective communication, problem-solving and listening skills.
    • To teach ways to take responsibility for the success of the group and know how each individual can best contribute.


    Academic, career and college tracking and guidance:

    • Create each student’s Education Plan.
    • Maintain a file of the student’s resume, planning activities and best work.
    • Advise about academic choices.
    • Advise about internship and academic opportunities outside of school.
    • Track and discuss meaning of standardized test scores. 
    • Advise about college choices and application process.
    • Alert colleagues to academic issues that students talk about in advisory. Facilitate communication with parents when that seems necessary. 


    Service: tracking and advising

    • Work with Service Services to generate service ideas and opportunities. 
    • Track student service hours.
    • Do a group substantial service project.


    Teaching basic life skills:

    • See Career Development and Employment Foundations the state graduation requirements. We will present some information on that list in Advisory, and much elsewhere.


    Community building and issue discussion:

    • To build group spirit, morale and supportive peer relationships.
    • To facilitate community governance and conversations.
    • To promote an awareness of diversity and tolerance.
    • To understand the school’s social, cultural and political environment.
    • To promote character development and explore moral dilemmas.


    Provide leadership opportunity:

    • Advisories are lead – and often designed - by student volunteers, who are coached by the school counselor and their Faculty Advisors.


    Fulfill state graduation requirements.