Service Learning Requirements

  • Service written on glass Service at Riverdale High School is more than community service or volunteerism; it links education to service and service to learning. Our 90-hour service requirement happens through both individual community service and classroom service learning projects.  

    We think service is important for several reasons. It takes students out of their comfort zones. It exposes them to new and unfamiliar ideas. It illuminates political, social and economic issues that they may be completely unaware of. 

    Participating in service projects helps students get to know the diversity of people and perspectives in their community. It teaches the value of working toward a common goal. In this way, service prepares students to be good leaders, good community members and good citizens. 

    The 90-hour service graduation requirement is typically completed as follows:

       Freshmen: 15 hrs.
       Sophomores: 20 hrs.
       Juniors: 30 hrs.
       Seniors: 25 hrs.

    Since students do community service to help a person, persons or organization accomplish something they would not otherwise be able to accomplish, some guidelines apply.