High school use of technology

  • Our high school offers two computer labs – one equipped with desktops providing access to both Microsoft Windows and MacOS, and the other offering laptops running Chrome OS. We also offer mobile computing options for classroom use via both MacBook Airs and Chromebooks. A robust, campus-wide wi-fi network supports these as well as students' personal devices.

    Additionally, our library makes Chromebooks available for students to check out on a daily basis, to be returned at the end of the school day. Students use computers for research, writing and email, and have access to elective courses in publication, yearbook, computer graphics, digital photography, computer applications, web design and more.

    Technology at Riverdale is used for higher-order thinking processes rather than "electronic worksheet" reproductions of lower-order skills. Examples include spreadsheet use in math, computer art courses utilizing vector graphics, video production in a variety of units, and frequent student and teacher use of presentation tools for instruction, collaboration and demonstration.

Technology Classes

  • With a full-time technology teacher at Riverdale High School, there are a variety of technology classes available each trimester.

    These include:

    • Intro Web Design
    • Beginning Programming
    • Intro Robotics
    • Advanced Web Design (Javascript)
    • Intro Game Design
    • Object-Oriented Programming (Java)
    • Tech Apps
    • Writing Apps for iPhone
    • Server-Side Web Design
    • Intermediate Game Design
    • 3D Modeling with Blender
    • And more...