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  • If you've just moved into the neighborhood, or if you live outside our district but would like to know your options for enrollment, please visit our main district page. There you'll find answers to all your questions about our schools, the enrollment process and how to schedule a visit.

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  • PARENT VOLUNTEER BADGES & SCREENINGS REQUIRED. Please remember that parents who spend time volunteering in the schools, classrooms, clubs, cafeteria, events or field trips must have a district-issued volunteer badge, which requires a volunteer application and background check on file. If you have not yet done so, please make sure you complete your application soon, as many volunteer opportunities pop up toward the end of the year and you’ll want to be ready. Background checks and badges are good for a two-year period.

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  • T2 RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY. Students of all grades will gather at 8:45 a.m. on Friday, March 2, for the Trimester 2 Recognition Assembly. While all are certainly welcome, we have made sure to notify parents of children who will be receiving an award. We encourage all students to arrive on time Friday.

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  • FINAL SNOW DAY MAKEUP PLAN. Click to view.

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  • REGISTER FOR SPORTS. Remember, registration and sports fees must both be received by the first day of practice for spring season (Monday, April 3) in order to begin practicing with the team. Registration will close on April 7.

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  • LICE PREVENTION & TREATMENT. It is not unusual to find head lice in our school community at times throughout the school year. Getting head lice can happen to any child and is not a reason for panic or embarrassment. While lice do not spread disease, they can spread quickly between children. Learn more about prevention, treatment and Riverdale’s policy.

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