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  • If you've just moved into the neighborhood, or if you live outside our district but would like to know your options for enrollment, please visit our main district page. There you'll find answers to all your questions about our schools, the enrollment process and how to schedule a visit.

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  • FALL CARNIVAL. The annual Fall Carnival is on Sunday, Oct. 22. Like all of our wonderful PTC community-building events, the carnival is almost exclusively volunteer-run. So, please sign up to volunteer today. PTC has added many great events to the program this year to entertain carnival-goers of all ages – and an easy entry wristband. Buy your discounted bands and tickets online through Oct. 19 to save money and avoid long lines at the event. 

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  • PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY. As winter weather arrives, so too does decreased visibility. Please remember to drive slowly all around our school and exercise patience during drop-off and pick-up times to minimize the risk of a child being injured. When weather is bad, please allow for more time as you drop off your children, or consider having them ride the bus.

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  • SPECIAL END-OF-DAY PLANS. Whenever possible, please communicate special end-of-day plans for students well in advance. We often have a high volume of calls around 3 p.m., which makes it challenging to best communicate and carry out your plans for your students.

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  • SIGNING OUT STUDENTS. This year, we would like to emphasize the importance of students being checked in and out through the grade school office. As noted in the Student-Parent Handbook, no student may be dismissed or leave school grounds without the proper documentation. If you need to pick up your student during the school day, you must first go to the main office to sign them out. Suzanne Bevier or Chrisie Patrick will call the classroom to have your child released to meet you in the office. For both safety reasons and to preserve instructional time, we ask that you do not go directly to classrooms during instructional hours. Please allow the office to assist with getting students for appointments or delivering items as needed.

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