• Message For K-12 Tuition and Preschool Fee Paying Families from the Business Manager


    First, we want to acknowledge the burden our tuition and preschool fee-paying families are facing at this time, one that goes above and beyond that of our resident and transfer families. We recognize the weight of your financial burden falls during a very difficult time. 

    Riverdale is now offering preschool through grade 12 distance learning. Teachers are delivering accredited education opportunities to all students through the end of the school year. Because we are still paying staff for the remainder of the school year, we are limited in the relief we can offer to our tuition and preschool fee-paying community members.

    We want to reach out to you about your financial support and the nature of the costs of the program, and the implications of a withdrawal at this time, so that you can make informed choices going forward. 

    Staffing costs account for more than 85% of our program outlay for K-12, and more than 95% for preschool. During the closure, Riverdale will continue to regularly pay all staff, including preschool staff.

    We encourage you to stay with us if you can. Our teachers are creating fabulous online and offline content and will continue to engage with their classes. 

    Should you choose to withdraw with no balance due you are welcome to re-apply in the future, (however, your re-application will be the same as other new applicants relative to placement on a waiting list) but will not receive preference on the waiting list. 

    If you request a refund, the refund amount will be calculated based on the date of withdrawal. As stated in tuition contracts, tuition will be charged to the end of the current trimester in the event the contracting party chooses to withdraw a student. 

    For those who have a balance due, we ask that you please continue to make your scheduled payments. We will work with those who need it on a deferral or payment plan. 

    We care about your well-being, and we understand these are unusual times. Your value to the Riverdale community goes well beyond your financial contributions. Should you have individual circumstances that need to be addressed, please let Cindy Duley know.