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  • End of the Year Thank You

    Posted by Riverdale School Board on 6/9/2021

    End of the Year Thank You

    To all members of the Riverdale School District,
    As we approach the end of this incredibly unique and challenging school year, we'd like to take a few moments to say thank you. 
    Thank you to our administrators, faculty and support staff who joined together to help our students, our families and each other. To everyone within our organization, thank you for your willingness to change direction almost instantly when there was forced closure of our buildings last March. Everyone pulled together to completely rethink the way we educate.
    Thank you, again, to our teachers, support staff and administrators for your commitment to our students and your delivery of quality instruction, an effort that could not have been accomplished without your dedication. Almost every aspect of your professional lives dramatically changed due to this pandemic. Your response was prompt and unwavering, and you deserve our lasting gratitude.
    The times we are experiencing will be the subject of history, economics and social lessons for generations to come. Each day’s work was groundbreaking and shall continue to be. This crisis also has provided the opportunity to examine almost all aspects of our responsibilities...differently. It directed us to analyze how to take advantage of technology, an exercise that resulted in more flexibility in meeting and addressing the needs of students. Nothing will ever erase the necessity and the value of the personal connections so vital to the job we do. However, the creativity you displayed in sustaining that work – remotely – has been exemplary, not an easy challenge, but you were more than UP TO THE TASK.
    We also would like to thank our students and families...
    The pandemic placed stress in every corner of our daily lives. From an educational perspective, it removed the reassuring custom of daily physical school gatherings and the comfort that provided. Suddenly, in its place were solitary, and sometimes, isolated times and settings. Aside from the serious health concerns of COVID-19, this isolation presented one of the greatest challenges faced by students, faculty, administrators, parents and our school district.
    Students and families met these days, weeks and months with courage and resilience. Because of that strength, we have responded with determination, perseverance, and to the best of our ability and, certainly, in the best interest of our students.
    Finally, to our Interim Superintendent. Your work from dawn until dusk 5-6 days a week taking us into CDL and out – leading the first and only K-8 public school in the area to be back almost full time – has been nothing short of extraordinary. Your commitment to Riverdale during this year represents the best of your profession - A JOB WELL DONE, and it shall not be forgotten. Thank you.
    Carrie Banks, Chair
    Joe Prats, Vice Chair
    John Bogaty
    Kevin McPherson
    Carrie Spurlock
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