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State Report Cards

Each year, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) prepares a report card for every school and district in the state, including data on student testing performance, attendance and graduation rates, staffing and other statistical information. These report cards also provide state and federal ratings of schools and districts based on formulas that take various subsets of the data into account. Per state law, school districts must ensure that all parents have access to their local school and district report cards by January 15. You can find these reports on ODE's website under Reports/Report Cards, and the past few years are linked here for your convenience. Should you need these in a different format, you may contact the district office at 503-262-4840.

2022-23: District Grade School / High School 

2021-22: District Grade School / High School 

2020-21District / Grade School / High School 

2019-20: District / English Language Learner Report

2018-19: District / Grade School / High School

2017-18: District / Grade School / High School

2016-17: District Grade School / High School (NOTE: In the outcomes section of this report, you will see our number of freshmen on track to graduate is significantly lower than previous years. This is due to a reporting error. Our corrected data shows >95% of last year's freshman class earned the appropriate amount of credits to be on track for graduation.)

2015-16: District / Grade School / High School

2014-15: District / Grade School / High School