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Senior Exhibition 2024

Monday, May 20th, seniors at Riverdale High School presented their Exhibitions to audiences of their peers, staff, and community members. In Senior Exhibition, students select interdisciplinary and controversial topics, engage in thorough research, explore complex issues, and culminate the project with a public presentation and written paper.

We are incredibly proud of the dedication our seniors showed in preparing for this important milestone!
You can find the schedule, including topics and time slots, in the program below. 


Senior Exhibition May 20 2024


Senior Exhibition 2024 Program

First page of the PDF file: SeniorExhibitionProgram2024PDF1
First page of the PDF file: SeniorExhibitionProgram2024PDF2
First page of the PDF file: SeniorExhibitionProgram2024PDF3
First page of the PDF file: SeniorExhibitionProgram2024PDF4