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Curriculum & Instruction

Riverdale Grade School has been involved in an extensive vetting process for instructional materials in English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum.

We are completing our 2-year adoption using materials aligned with the science of reading. Our K-4 teachers are using an intensive program called LETRS training. LETRS instructs teachers in what literacy skills need to be taught, why and how to plan to teach them. In addition, RGS is using 95% Group as science- and skill-based instruction for phonics. Reading Side by Side is our comprehension and writing program for elementary/middle school grades, while our K-2 is completing the adoption by piloting two programs that are aligned with brain science reading practices. 

Along with our new curriculum, RGS has purchased Acadience as a universal screener for reading. We have created a testing team to read and screen every student in our school, three times a year, to ensure that every reader, K-8, is receiving targeted instruction. 

Here are the two programs we are piloting and reviewing for K-2:

ELA programs that were adopted in 2021-22:

We are now seeking public input until April 1 on EL Education/Imagine Learning and Wit and Wisdom/Geodes to help us finalize our decision.