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Physical Education

Riverdale’s physical education program encompasses body management, locomotor skills, object movement, health and fitness concepts and sportsmanship, as appropriate for each grade level. 

Riverdale Grade School PE

Our grade school’s PE program provides students with a positive learning environment where each student is given the opportunity to feel empowered through fitness and sport. Activities are centered on skill development, lifetime fitness concepts, team building and cooperative learning.

Key elements in PE for students:

  • grades K-2: learning important movement foundations such as locomotor moves, throwing, catching, kicking and striking, as well as building important teamwork skills.
  • grades 3-4: learning the basics of team sports, positive conflict resolution methods and various elements of physical fitness.
  • grades 5-8: developing a greater understanding of strategy and rules of popular sports and games, setting personal fitness goals and participating in physical fitness testing. 



Riverdale High School PE

Our high school’s PE program promotes physical activity as it impacts sports fitness and overall health, and also provides experiences that help students develop sports skills and sportsmanship. Students learn individual responsibility and effective group membership skills and develop an appreciation of the rules of sports.

Electives, such as weight training and yoga, enhance our physical education program.