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Riverdale High School athletes are in the 3A Coastal Range League and grade schoolers are in the Metro Christian League. Our interscholastic athletics program is an integral part of our students’ experience, reinforcing what they learn in the classroom. Our athletes develop leadership skills, respect for others and tenacity as they work together to achieve a common goal.  

In addition to our current sports offerings, many students participate in programs such as lacrosse, roller derby, skiing, water polo and more. 

New this year: RHS Girls Flag Football

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Choose a Team

Fall sportsSoccer (grades 6-12)
Volleyball (grades 6-12)
Cross country (grades 6-12)

Winter sportsBasketball (grades 6-12)
Swimming (grades 9-12)
Snowboarding (grades 9-12, club sport)
Skiing (grades 9-12, club sport) 

Spring sportsTennis (grades 9-12)
Track and field (grades 6-12)
Golf (grades 9-12)
Lacrosse (various ages, club sport)

Contact Us 
District Athletic Director:

Derek Duman

Athletics Office phone: 503-262-4848

Mr. Duman