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Athlete of the Month

The athletic department honors student athletes for being exceptional in both the classroom and on the playing field with a monthly award.  We honor two high school and two grade school students per month who are nominated by staff members. 

February athlete of the month

February Student Athletes of the Month

High School

Isa M. - Isa was always prepared for class above and beyond expectation throughout Tri 2. She managed all deadlines, including those for honors work! Her work was exemplary throughout the trimester. She maintained a super positive attitude and was always the first to volunteer to help others.

Maddox P. - Maddox finished his senior season qualifying for district finals and beat the school record in the 100 backstroke. He worked extremely hard over the past two years and his leadership will be missed next year.

Grade School

Aiden R. - Aiden continued his passion and learning of the game throughout the season and became an impact player down the stretch. Proud of all his hard work this season and wish him the best in his high school career!

Donya S.- Donya brought great energy to the team. She demonstrates leadership qualities, is supportive of her teammates and is very coachable. Donya takes on any challenge thrown her way with confidence! Way to finish the season strong!

January 2023 Athletes of the Month

High School

Abby Z - Abby has really been the coach on the floor for us this season. She's a terrific player with a great understanding of the game, and works as hard as anyone I've ever coached. And she's a real delight to be around. Abby excels in the classroom as well. As she comes to the end of her basketball career at RHS, I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Nate J - I have watched him emerge as a student leader in the classroom as well as the athletic space. He has been a great team captain and has been instrumental in bridging the gap between our young and older players.

Grade School

Cassius D - Cassius is a leader. He works hard on the court and motivates his teammates to do the best they can at all times. He is always encouraging and uplifting, and has been a real impact player this season.

Emmeline L. - Emmeline is a confident player who demonstrates strong work ethic skills and embodies qualities of a strong leader.