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Campus Life

Life at Riverdale

Riverdale fosters a collegial and cooperative atmosphere where students treat one another with respect – as colleagues and friends. Teachers function as supportive coaches and mentors, setting high expectations and establishing an environment of trust. 

At Riverdale Grade School, lessons cross subject areas and even grade levels – establishing a strong foundation of learning, and bringing students together to share insights and experiences. You’ll find kindergarteners buddying up with 6th graders for science adventures, 2nd and 5th graders reading together, and 1st and 4th grade students corresponding with high school zoology students before joining them for an annual zoo trip. 

At Riverdale High School, students help govern the school – participating in school-wide meetings, interviewing teacher candidates and reviewing policy issues. The peer culture is focused on academic and personal achievement, with students encouraging their classmates to push themselves and reach farther. 

Riverdale’s two schools are exciting, energetic places where students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities – both in and out of the classroom. We nurture a passion for personal interests, a habit of critical thinking and a comprehensive understanding of civic virtue. From extensive field studies, service learning requirements and student leadership to engaging clubs and academic teams, our students are challenged intellectually and welcomed for who they are. 

And parents play a big part, too. Riverdale parents are actively engaged as key collaborators and vital members of the school community, sharing in the support and development of their children and celebrating all the milestones along the way. In addition to volunteering in classrooms and the library, parents serve on school Site Councils and Safety Councils.

There is also a very active Parent Teacher Club (PTC) that organizes enrichment activities such as the annual Fall Carnival, Field Day, Community School afterschool classes, Auction, Lunch Program, Ice Cream Social, New Family Potlucks and much more. The PTC also plans fun events specifically for parents, such as party packs, hikes, book clubs, to name a few.