Graduation Details

  • Class of 2019

    Wednesday 5/29

    • Graduation Tickets handed out to Seniors at school. 7 per Senior.


    Monday Rehearsal 6/3 

    • Seniors go to school at normal time.  Bus to L&C for REQUIRED graduation rehearsal. Return to RHS by lunchtime and then free to go home after receiving Cap and Gown.
    • Cap & Gown will be handed out after rehearsal.  

    Tuesday Morning Awards Assembly 6/4

    • Awards Assembly 10:00-11:00am in the gym.  All RHS students will be in attendance, with Seniors sitting in the front row and parents/family members behind them in chairs.  
    • Family members are welcome, but please let us know if your party will exceed 4 people (not including your graduate or any other RHS student).  
    • Please hold applause until all recipients in each award group are honored.
    • Please carpool with your Senior and use their parking spot, as RHS campus parking will be at a premium.
    • Remember to enjoy a good lunch with family prior to the evening’s activities.


    Tuesday Graduation Ceremony 6/4

    • Seniors must be at L&C Agnes Flanagan Chapel at 6:00pm
    • Doors open to L&C Chapel at 6:30pm for guest seating
    • Graduation Ceremony starts at 7:00pm.
    • All seating is open to ticket holders except for 2 reserved rows (Auction winners!).  You and your family members may not enter the chapel without a ticket.  Every family was allotted 7 tickets; thanks to those of you who donated your unneeded tickets to those families requesting extras.  Please honor the ticket policy and do not put our student helpers in the position of policing your entry to the chapel and ceremony.  Thank you!
    • Parking is available nearly anywhere on the L&C campus since it is the Summer term and permits are not required.  Enter the L&C campus at Gate 4, drive toward the chapel, and keep to the right to reach the parking lot closest to the chapel. If this lot is full, return to SW Palatine Hill Rd. and drive north to Gate 3 to the small lot near the information office or Gate 2 to the parking lot for Griswold Stadium. Turn in at the first right and drive to the far (south) end of the lot. The chapel is due south.  If you have a family member with mobility issues, please arrange to drop them at the chapel walkway—with someone to accompany them to the chapel—and then park your car.

    Tuesday-Wednesday Graduation Party 6/4-6/5

    • Exit chapel and take photos with family and friends.
    • Seniors, change into comfortable clothing and leave diploma and graduation clothes with family.  
    • Board bus by 8:30pm.  Your bags will be inspected.  Dinner will be the first activity!
    • Seniors, please obey the rules, behave well and respect the volunteer chaperones.  Above all, have fun!

    Wednesday Pick-Up 6/5

    • 6:15-6:30am at RHS:  For safety purposes, parents MUST pick up or arrange pick-up for your Senior. Seniors may not drive home.