24/7 tip lines for safety reporting

  • SafeOregon

    What should you do to report bullying, violence and drugs or if you learn about someone threatening to harm themselves or others? 

    • If you have a concern at school, let an adult know immediately. 
    • If you have a concern when you are outside school or online, use one of the following options:
      • Call one of two 24/7 anonymous concern reporting lines: 888-287-6157 or 844-472-3367 (the second number can also take texts). 
      • Email to tip@safeoregon.com
      • Report online at www.safeoregon.com
    • Call 911 if someone is hurting themselves or others right now. 
    • Remember, reporting a concern is not “snitching,” it’s helping save lives.
    • Watch this video to learn how SafeOregon works. 


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