• Distance Learning for All

    Oregon’s commitment to Distance Learning for All aligns with our deep commitment to learning and maintaining educational pathways for students during this critical time. As educators and leaders, we know the value of school and the importance of learning and social connection. Maintaining student-to-educator relationships will ensure care, connection and continuity of learning for us and our students. We have an opportunity to explore new ways of relating, teaching and learning through a distance learning model. 

    Distance learning for All, the title of the plan put forth by ODE, outlines a process for students to interact with their teachers and other school staff. Each Oregon District has been directed to have their Distance Learning for All plan in place by April 13, 2020.

    Distance Learning: Instruction in which the student and instructor are in different locations. Students have access to appropriate educational materials and receive ongoing interaction with their licensed and/or registered teacher(s). This includes multimedia communication and blended learning strategies, not just online learning.

    Grade School Distance Learning

    • Primary formats: Introducing new material through existing classroom curriculum (presented through short videos, Google Meet, and other tools) and using systems already in place, such as Google Classroom, Synergy, i-Ready, STEMscopes and Newsela

    • Teachers will provide feedback in varying forms with Pass/Incomplete as final grades for students 5-8th. An incomplete grade will need to be completed, or will change to a No Pass for the student’s final grade

    • We anticipate Kindergarten-4th Grade Report Cards prioritizing core content areas and the likelihood of not all areas being fully assessed 

    • Teachers are available through email and during their communicated office hours (one hour daily)