• At a time when many public schools have had to cut back on arts programs, Riverdale continues to demonstrate its commitment to both visual and performing arts.  

    Students at Riverdale Grade School and Riverdale High School experience an extensive artistic learning curriculum and a strong program for musical expression. 

    At Riverdale, the arts are a core subject area. With dedicated and inspiring art and music teachers leading a varied, sequential and developmentally appropriate program, our K-12 students learn to see the world around them through an artistic lens. They stretch beyond their comfort zones, trying new mediums and styles, singing with their classmates and performing in front of audiences. 

    In visual art classes, students progress from learning to hold a paintbrush and sculpting with clay, to printmaking, photography and more. In music, they explore using poems and rhymes as the basis for beginning song and dance, and move on to band ensembles, choir and drama performances. 

    At the grade school, all grade levels take art classes several times a week and classroom teachers also weave art projects into other areas of study. Even at the high school level, students are required to take four years of visual and/or performance art. 

    Use the blue box navigation in this section to explore our visual art program, music program and drama program. You can also see a schedule of our upcoming shows and performances.