Grade school use of technology

  • The lower and middle school students make use of our computer lab and classroom mobile laptop carts for much of their research, document development and presentation work.


    • Kindergarteners experience whole group instruction using interactive whiteboard technology.
    • Our 1st-3rd graders learn to navigate various computer platforms and focus on keyboarding and word processing skills.
    • Our 4th grade students build upon these skills, learn the proper way to conduct online research and begin to develop spreadsheets and multimedia presentations.
    • In 5th grade, students are introduced to email and how to safely use this tool. Throughout science and social studies, 5th and 6th graders begin creating internet-ready content – developing web pages and multimedia presentations for online collaboration.
    • Our 7th and 8th graders produce most of their core school work using computer-based tools, and have opportunities to take web design and computer graphics classes in which they use digital cameras, document scanners and photo editing software.
  • Students using laptop computers in class  Young student using stylus on interactive white board in class

    Here are some examples of technology-rich curriculum units and projects:


    • Circle Center times (choice time)

    • Free exploration

    • Literacy Centers

    • Whole group instruction using interactive whiteboard


    1st Grade

    • Dinosaur unit

    • Life Cycles unit


    2nd Grade

    • Writers’ Workshop

    • Native American unit

    • Ocean unit


    3rd Grade

    • Writers’ Workshop

    • Egypt unit research

    • African-American History unit

    • Bridge design research


    4th Grade

    • Writers’ Workshop

    • Invention Convention

    • Biographies

    • Oregon project

    • States project

    5th Grade

    • Keyboarding class (lab time)

    • Library time

    • SS – Biography, Slavery mini-essay

    • LA/SS – writing assignments, essays, research papers

    • Science – Planets, Earthquakes/Volcanoes

    • Independent student presentations

    6th Grade
    • Keyboarding class (lab time)

    • LA/SS – research papers

    • Science – Biome project, Simple Machines project, Atmosphere/Environmental unit

    • Math

    • Independent student presentations


    7th/8th Grades

    • LA – Book Reviews, Research, Essays

    • SS – Current Events research project, Diary entries, Research project of choice, Political Party, Revolutionary War, Weather project

    • Science – Travel Brochure, Genetics research project, Body Systems, Bacteria project, Work samples, Experiments

    • Math – Graphing

    • Spanish – Calaca project, Before/After project, Cultural activity, Spring project (changes year to year)

    • Art – Digital photography, Art elective

    • All Classes - Homework