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Public Records Request

For Public Records Requests under policy KBA and KBA AR, please email the superintendent’s designee Ryan Vandehey at  or mail your written request into Superintendent Chris Russo at 11733 S Breyman Ave, Portland OR 97219. You can expect to receive a written acknowledgement within five business days, and a copy of the requested records or an estimated time to fulfill the request within fifteen business days.

Per Board policy, it may be necessary to assess fees for voluminous or time-consuming requests. It is always the district’s goal to provide records in a timely manner and without undue delay. To facilitate this, we may contact you to better understand what information you are seeking and suggest ways to narrow your request in order to reduce the time and expense required. If you have any questions or concerns about the public records request process, please email us at any time.

For School Records/Transcripts, please contact front office staff RGS: 503-262-4842 RHS: 503-262-4844