College-Going Focus

  • At Riverdale, we are particularly proud that our college-going culture begins freshman year, when students envision their post-high school futures while filling out their education plan and profile. Supported by rigorous academics and comprehensive college counseling services, our students experience an outstanding college acceptance rate. Equally important, our students are happy with their college choices. 

    “We encourage students to look for colleges that meet their academic goals, as well as those that offer the perfect learning environment for them, whether it's a large or small college, rural or urban, what extracurricular activities are important to them and, most importantly, meets their financial requirements.”  

    The college application process is a community effort at Riverdale. Students and their parents do their part with great care, while teachers write thoughtful recommendation letters and our college advisor works individually with students to guide their way. We also welcome representatives from more than 60 colleges a year.

    Here's where you can find our most recent graduating classes:

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Class of 2020

Class of 2020

Class of 2019

Riverdale High School Class of 2019

Class of 2018

Riverdale's Class of 2018

Class of 2017

Riverdale High School's class of 2017

Class of 2016

Class of 2016 holding banner

Class of 2015

Class of 2015 with banner