High School Courses

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Graduation Requirements

  • Riverdale students exceed Oregon state graduation requirements by four credits, by completing the following 28 credit graduation requirements: 

    English - 4 credits

    • Literacy is developed through an emphasis on reading, writing, and literature analysis.  

    Social Studies - 4 credits

    • Students complete an integrated social science curriculum that emphasizes 20th century history. U.S. History is included.

    Science - 4 credits

    • Students complete a science sequence that includes physics, chemistry, ecology and biology, with a Geology course in the senior year. 

    Mathematics - 4 credits

    • Students complete a math sequence that integrates algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics, discrete math and calculus. Emphasis is placed on mathematical thinking within the context of problem solving.

    Art - 4 credits

    • Students are provided with a foundation in the critical, intellectual, and aesthetic skills necessary for the creative process. In addition, students come to understand the historical and cultural contexts in which art is created. Art includes visual art, music, dance, technology and cinema.

    Foreign Language - 2 credits

    • French and Spanish are offered in classes for years 1, 2, 3 and 4 - with advanced standing possible. Japanese is currently offered for credit before school, with all levels blended. 

    Electives - 3.5 credits

    • Elective courses are one, two or three terms, and available to all students. Examples of electives include Band, Choir, Computer Art, Drama, Advanced Experimental Science, Leadership, Movement, Mock Trial, Newspaper and Yearbook Publishing. 

    PE - 1 credit

    Health - 1 credit

    Senior Exhibition - .5 credits

    • This capstone project combines research, writing and presentation skills with experiential learning. This year-long project results in a comprehensive thesis and oral presentation to the community.


    * Each course equals .5 credits.