• Students:

    "It's very hands-on learning."

    "The teachers are dedicated to our education."

    "Everyone here is very committed to their future."

    "Riverdale promotes creativity and teaches critical thinking with its small, comfortable environment. It allows students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities because of its size."

    “The wide variety of opportunities at Riverdale, such as honors classes, clubs, and college credit, allows me to learn my limits and challenge myself. Riverdale has prepared me for life by teaching me how to express myself.”

    "I love Riverdale, because I get to form relationships with my teachers and they want to work with me to ensure that I succeed in my classes."



    “Riverdale provided an environment in which I was able to explore and grow … Everything from the small class size at Riverdale to the unique approach of the curriculum meant that I was able to find my strengths instead of disappear.”

    “I am incredibly lucky to have graduated from a Coalition [of Essential Schools] school. The critical thinking and communications skills I developed at RHS served me well in college and continue to serve as the building block for how I approach challenges in graduate school.” 

    “Riverdale has given me so much in terms of support, appreciation, strong relationships, and careful feedback regarding my education.”



    “As I've told many friends, education is not about the curriculum necessarily, but it's about developing the life of the mind ... and, my God, Riverdale excels majorly in this way. [My daughter] is excited to go to school, comes home curious and ready to share her ideas, and still pursues knowledge outside of the classroom. It's like her pump has finally been primed!” 

    “We're in our second year here at Riverdale Grade School (now 6th grade). Amazing. The staff and leadership are pro-active and engaged. The class sizes are small. The community is warm and welcoming and involved. This is how education should be done: in state-of-the-art facilities, with small classroom sizes (<25 kids), under the guidance of enthusiastic teachers, and in partnership with dedicated parents.” 

    "At Riverdale, every teacher and staff member knows my child's name. We never worry about him falling through the cracks. In part because of this and the quality of the teaching staff, he is getting a first-class education."

    "As a parent of a recent graduate from Riverdale High School, I am impressed by the level of preparation [my son] had for college. While at RHS, he had the opportunity to take three college level courses, two of which were offered at the high school through PSU. There is no doubt that the opportunity to take Western Civilization with RHS faculty taught him how to write college-level research papers. The level of support and feedback enabled him to study complex ideas with confidence."

    "Our family really appreciates Riverdale's small size, and curriculum that fosters critical thinking and life long learning. As a [former] Montessori family we truly believe in that philosophy."

    "Small classes, attentive teachers, caring faculty are three reasons why I chose Riverdale High School for my children. RHS provides a solid foundation of academics with room for students to explore their interests, develop confidence as a learner, and find their intellectual passion." 

    “Our family has been a part of Riverdale High School for seven years. The teachers are outstanding and accessible. They really do prepare our kids for college. I think Riverdale does a good job of teaching critical thinking.” 

    “The quality of teachers in any given school setting is usually a mixed bag. Not so at Riverdale! My son had consistently excellent teachers across all subjects throughout his four years at RHS. Time and again, the Riverdale teachers created a learning environment that was fun and interesting while maintaining depth and challenge. And, maybe, most important of all, they really knew my kid! The RHS teachers truly cared about him and absolutely advocated for his academic success.”