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Dec. 15 Riverdale Grade School News

Wednesday, Dec. 15

Riverdale Grade School News


Food Drive - 3,001 Pounds of Food Collected!!

Thank you to all who contributed to our food drive and made it such a whopping success! We collected a school-wide total of 3,787 items!  Congratulations to 4th grade and 8th grade for collecting the most items.
On a rainy Saturday morning, 8th Grade Leadership students and caregivers transported items into cars, to LiftUp Portland, and into their warehouse. After weighing the items in at 3,001 pounds, we sorted all the foods into categories. It was hard work but well worth it! We learned more about LiftUp Portland’s work and process for distributing food.
A big “well done” to 8th Grade Leadership for their great work, and thanks to the whole community for helping to feed those in need!
-Abby Rotwein (she/her), Director of Equity & Inclusion

Protecting Youth Mental Health

The U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory

A Surgeon General’s Advisory is a public statement that calls the American people’s attention to an urgent public health issue and provides recommendations for how it should be addressed. Advisories are reserved for significant public health challenges that need the nation’s immediate awareness and action. 
This Advisory offers recommendations for supporting the mental health of children, adolescents, and young adults. While many of these recommendations apply to individuals, the reality is that people have widely varying degrees of control over their circumstances. As a result, not all recommendations will be feasible for everyone. 
That’s why systemic change is essential. The Advisory includes essential recommendations for the institutions that surround young people and shape their day-to-day lives—schools, community organizations, health care systems, technology companies, media, funders and foundations, employers, and government. They all have an important role to play in supporting the mental health of children and youth. 
For additional background and to read other Surgeon General’s Advisories, visit View the U.S. Surgeon General Press Release.
Suggested Online Resources For Young People:


Toy Drive

Hi Everyone! 
We are the Holiday Helpers, and we are putting on a toy drive. The toy drive is from November 19th to December 17th. We would really appreciate it if you would donate.
Extra Information:
  • All donations go to Doernbecher Children's Hospital, and they are for kids who can't be home for the holidays.
  • The donation window is November 19th-December 17th
  • A donation table will be under the stairs 
  • We are only accepting new toys due to Covid-19
We appreciate your time, and thank you.  


Lost and Found Items

Please have your student check the lost and found located in the commons to collect any lost items. Anything in the lost & found will be donated if not collected before winter break.

COVID-19 Screening Testing

RGS is still collecting COVID-19 spit tests every Wednesday morning for the screening program through OHSU. 
Please check the list below for issues related to the COVID-19 Weekly Screening Program, and email the school nurse Kory Darling at if anything below applies to you or if you have any questions.
  • If you have leftover COVID-19 screening kits after December 15th, please email Kory. This is so we can reduce wasted kits and send home less than four on the next round.
  • If you need additional name/grade/DOB labels for any leftover vials, or after kits are sent home January 3rd, please let Kory know. There should be four labels in every bag of four kits. We are not supposed to be writing names on the vials.
  • If you would like to withdraw from the program, please email Kory. Otherwise, we will continue sending kits home to you, and it is a waste if they are not being used. 
  • If you are not yet registered for the program and would like to sign a consent form for your student to participate in it going forward, please email Kory.
  • If there is any other issue happening in regards to your child's weekly screening tests, please reach out to Kory. 
Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the optional testing program and participated during these past few months.

Important Dates

  • 12/20-31 - Winter Break
  • Friday, Jan. 14 - RGS Teacher Inservice Day (No School)