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PTC grant provides new lab equipment

Published on Sept. 9, 2019

Lab-based biology core courses (Biology 9, 10 & 11) will be transformed this year with updated science curriculum and new lab facilities and equipment. Megan Buell, the high school's newest science teacher has already begun lab work using some of the new equipment. 

"I would like to express my gratitude for the grant I received this year to outfit the biology classroom and lab. I am so excited to be at Riverdale and to be working with your outstanding students. Giving me the opportunity to add new technology to the lab and replace broken and/or outdated labware and materials will benefit our students immensely. With the grant I was able to purchase technology that will allow students to complete at least nine different college level labs and practice a variety of lab techniques. Furthermore, students benefit from a lab-based curriculum and more hands-on learning opportunities. For example, within the next couple of weeks students in the Biology 10 class will look at live eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells under microscopes, and they will test the effectiveness of antibiotics against cultured bacteria. Thank you again for your generosity and trust to educate your students in biology!" - Megan Buell

The PTC provided a grant to fund the following lab purchases:

  • Gel electrophoresis apparatus & power source
  • Gel reagents
  • Mini PCR thermal cycler
  • Stirring hot plate
  • incubator
  • digital mass balance
  • water bath
  • large carboy with stopcock
  • centrifuge 
  • micropipettes
  • blender
  • lab aprons
  • goggles
  • dropper bottles