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March 17 Riverdale Grade School News

Riverdale School

Wednesday, March 17

Riverdale Grade School News 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, families! As we continue to fill our school with students, our old traditions are slowly creeping back in. Today, our kindergarten students happily came to school with leprechaun traps to catch the sneaky leprechauns who caused havoc in their classrooms. I look forward to meeting our community at the Q&A put on by our PTC on Thursday night. I wish you a happy and healthy spring break.
Acting Principal Jennifer McDonald 

Riverdale Chromebook Device Return 

If you have a Riverdale Chromebook collecting dust at home, please drop it off at the grade school office. If your student is coming into the building for hybrid, and they still need their Chromebook at home, this message does not apply. We are only asking for families to return devices that are not being used at home.

Aftercare Survey 

As school is opening up, the Riverdale Afterschool Program has been asked to survey the community to see if there is interest to bring childcare back to school. 
If we are able to provide services please let us know what you might be interested in. We are hoping to make this happen ASAP if there is interest.
Riverdale Aftercare is a licensed program and will follow all the current guidelines put forward by the state in regards to health checks, sanitation protocols, small stable groups etc.
If you have specific questions feel free to email Catarina Hunter at
Take the Aftercare Survey here

Restorative Justice Corner

Hi there! I’m Megan Lenard, the new Restorative Justice Coach and Behavior Specialist at school. We are focusing on using Restorative Justice on campus to help guide student behaviors and interactions using positive, empowering strategies.
Each eblast, I will be providing guidance on tips to practice at home with your child. This week, I invite you to try goal setting with your child. Keep it simple this:  try guiding your child to create a goal that is specific, challenging but attainable, and measurable. For example: “I will express my anger appropriately by using words to state my feelings this week”. This goal can open up a conversation on why it is inappropriate and harmful to take other actions, such as yelling, hitting, or throwing.  It also helps your child be in touch with what they are feeling and to name the emotion. And finally, adding time to the goal makes it seem less intimidating and possible while allowing time for your child to practice building a new habit. 
If you have any questions or would like some more help in setting goals with your student, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am happy to have the opportunity to work with our Riverdale community! 

Playground Opening

We’re ready to cautiously open the playground with the following guidelines in place:
  • Open to community prior to and following school hours (not during school hours) 
  • Adhere to social distancing (signage to be increased)
  • Frequently clean and disinfect high-traffic areas and commonly touched surfaces (cleaning encouraged in between uses by community members and hand sanitizers to be provided) 
  • Clear signs ( listing COVID-19 symptoms, asking visitors with symptoms to stay home and who to contact if they need assistance

Thank You Riverdale Grade Community!

Kids Heart Challenge 

Dear Families - We hope you had a great time during your Kids Heart Challenge program and are so proud of our students! On behalf of the American Heart Association, thank you very much for your school’s donation of *$11,648.54 from your school's recent Kids Heart Challenge (KHC)/American Heart Challenge event. Thank you for your incredible generosity and support in making our community heart healthy while helping others. We know how important it is to take care of our hearts year-round. For additional tips and resources to keep your family healthy, visit the Parent Corner. Thank you again for being a heart hero and helping our school and the American Heart Association create longer healthier lives!
YOU made a difference! And together, we helped save 230 lives while helping our students understand the importance of having a happy and healthy heart! Thank you!

Bus Schedule for K-8 after Spring Break 

For your convenience, the button below allows you to view all K-8 bus routes at once. Remember, we do not post our bus routes online for our student's safety. 
Important items to note:
  • There are days and times for each specific grade in 5th-8th. 
  • 5th & 7th grade are in the morning pick-up and drop-off times.
  • 6th & 8th will follow the afternoon pick-up and drop-off times. 
  • K-4th please check these routes as additonal stops have been added.
  • 5th-8th please also note the different drop off times on Wednesdays. 
Email Suzanne Bevier with any questions. 

Informational Bus Videos 

For students that will be riding the bus to and from school, please review this information and videos from First Student. First Student has developed a transportation plan that includes visual screening, seat assignments and controlled exiting. Daily disinfection will be performed on all buses. First students has provided information about their COVID-19 Safety Protocols here


Important dates

  • Friday, March 19 - First Day of 3rd & 4th grade Hybrid
  • March 22-26 - Spring Break
  • Monday, March 29 - Board Work Study at 4:30 p.m. and Board Meeting at 6 p.m.
  • March 29-30 - No school for 5th-8th, teacher transition to hybrid days
  • March 31 - First day for half of 5th and half of 6th (group specifics will be provided by Monday, March 29), and CDL new Wednesday schedule
  • April 1 - All of 5th and 6th return on site (5th in the morning and 6th in afternoon)
    April 1 - First day for 7th/8th is on April 1 (7th in the morning, 8th in afternoon)