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Updated RGS Schedules and Change Request Survey

Updated RGS Schedules and Change Request Survey 

Dear Riverdale Families,
We’re thrilled to bring all of our GS students back to a longer school day from 8:30-2:20 p.m. Our Kindergarteners will start their new schedules next Thursday, April 15. April 16 is a Teacher Work Day, so there is no school. First through eighth graders will begin these new schedules on Monday, April 19. CDL students’ schedules will mirror the updated schedules below.  
Please only fill out the survey to let us know if moving to a longer schedule will change your plans of returning to CDL or on site. We ask that you complete the survey ASAP.
Also, as we increase the amount of time on campus, we want to take the opportunity to emphasize the continued need for consistently wearing masks properly, hand washing and social distancing. While students may now be placed 3ft apart in some circumstances, eating and passing will still remain 6ft apart. Please continue to coach your students on this -- we appreciate it so much!
As we work to accommodate requests, we anticipate possible delays in transition for students who were not previously scheduled to attend in person. We will work to minimize this as we adjust staffing, schedules and busing.  Again, please fill out the survey as soon as possible only if your student will be changing models from what they are currently doing.
Thank you for your patience as we navigate these new changes. 
Acting Principal Jennifer McDonald

K-4 Schedules 

K-4 schedules

5/6 Schedules 

5-8 schedules

7/8 Schedules 

7/8 schedules