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April 8 Riverdale Grade School News

Riverdale School

Thursday, April 8

Riverdale Grade School News 

Happy April, families! Our school is buzzing with the sound of students and the sun is coming out. We appreciate the patience of the community as we have transitioned back to the building and as we take this exciting step next week to longer days. We know this year has been difficult for all, but when we come together we can do hard things. 
As we transition into longer days, students who are on site for instruction will need to follow prior protocol for absences. Please let your teacher and office know you will be out and work with your teacher to come up with a plan for making up work. CDL and hybrid instruction will not always have the same pacing, projects or assessments. We will continue to prioritize continuity in our students’ learning. 
Metrics are rising in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties. As we are also increasing the amount of time on campus, we want to take the opportunity to emphasize the continued need for consistently wearing masks properly, hand washing and social distancing. While students may now be placed 3ft apart in some circumstances, eating and passing will still remain 6ft apart. Please keep your students at home if they're sick.
Playdates: If your child will be going home with a friend, please arrange car pick up for that day. For the safety of our students, we are monitoring our busing cohorts carefully. Adding additional students can compromise cohorts and numbers on our buses. Thank you for your help to keep our students safe!
Take care,
Acting Principal Jennifer McDonald 

New Schedules and Model Change Requests

In case you missed the separate eblast yesterday on our scheduling updates, RGS will be moving to longer day schedules. Our Kindergarteners will start their new schedules from 8:30 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. next Thursday, April 15. April 16 is a Teacher Work Day, so there is no school. First through eighth graders will begin these new schedules from 8:30 a.m. to 2:20 p.m.on Monday, April 19. CDL students’ schedules will mirror the updated schedules. You can view the entire eblast and take the Model Change Request survey here. You do not need to fill out this survey if your student is staying in their current model (on site or in CDL).

Introducing New Staff

Molly Cunningham | Instructional Assistant

Molly Cunningham comes to Riverdale with three wonderful years of working with youth in behavioral and mental health settings. She has experience as an Oregon Registered Behavior Technician, a Board Certified Autism Technician, and most recently as a Wellness Coordinator serving adolescents. Molly has an associates of Psychology, and is a senior at Portland State University in the school of Social Work. She has a passion for helping children learn and grow, and is excited to be a part of Riverdale’s district.

TAG Tuesday

The Riverdale Grade School Talented and Gifted (TAG) Committee is hosting these webinar events each month for parents to learn more about Riverdale's TAG program. The next TAG Tuesday is April 13 from 6-6:30 p.m. via GoToWebinar. The topic of this meeting will be ways to challenge your TAG student and summer opportunities to support your student.
Register here

Restorative Justice Corner

As I visit various classrooms on campus and hear from students about what is important to them in their classrooms, the word “respect” comes up often.  Respect is a word that students learn to use from a very young age, but do they truly understand what it looks like to show respect to one another? Students can have respect for people they admire and they can also show respect to their classmates and teachers. A good definition of respect is “allowing yourself and others to do their best”.   
A simple exercise you could try at home with your learner this week is to look at a few different examples of respect and disrespect that you find  in magazines, in literature, on TV, etc. Maybe watching The Voice, or a baseball game, or reading your favorite book together. Spend 3-5 minutes on each example evaluating if respect or disrespect is being shown and ask how does your learner know. You can take it a step further if disrespect is being shown and ask your student if they can give instructions to the people in the example on how to show more respect to each other.  
Megan Lenard
RGS Restorative Justice Coach and Behavior Specialist

Updated Bus Routes

Please be sure to check the updates on Route 81. For your convenience, the button below allows you to view all K-8 bus routes at once. Email Suzanne Bevier with any questions. 
View the updated bus schedules here


Important dates

  • Thursday, April 15 - Kindergarten returns for new schedules from 8:30-2:20 p.m. 
  • Friday, April 16 - Teacher Work Day (No School)
  • Monday, April 19 - All K-8 students in new schedules from 8:30-2:20 p.m.