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Proposal for making up snow days

Posted on Feb. 3, 2017

After lengthy conversations about how best to make up for all the snow days we had this year, Riverdale’s administrators and school board have come up with a plan to implement. We encourage your input on the proposal outlined below.


How can we make up for the loss in instructional continuity for our students? 



  • Convert RHS winter conferences, Jan. 19-20, to instructional days (already announced). RGS students were already scheduled for classes these days.
  • Move RHS end of trimester from March 3 to March 16, with finals on March 15-16. (already announced)
  • Move March 6 teacher work day to March 17 at both schools (already announced for high school, new for grade school). Students at both schools will now attend classes on March 6 but not on March 17.



  • Cancel spring conferences at both schools:
    • RGS: March 16-17 (March 16 will be an instructional day, March 17 will be a teacher work day, as outlined above)
    • RHS: April 27-28 (both days will be instructional days)
  • Convert April 21 teacher work day to instructional day at both schools.
  • Convert RHS Senior Day Out (June 2) into instructional day. Other RHS grades and RGS students are already scheduled for classes on this day.
  • Add three days of school to the end of the year at both schools (June 12, 13, 14). RHS finals for 9th-11th grades will be June 13-14. The final day for students will be Wednesday, June 14.
  • Final teacher work days are June 15-16.


What about high school graduation and 8th grade promotion?



  • RHS senior awards and graduation remain June 6.
  • Graduation rehearsal remains June 5.
  • Senior finals remain the same.
  • Seniors do not return after graduation.



  • RGS 8th grade promotion remains June 8.
  • 8th graders have a half-day on June 7 and do not attend school on June 8 or 9.
  • Discussions are taking place regarding an option (not required) for 8th grade students to attend school on June 12, 13 and/or 14 for additional experiential learning (e.g. optional excursions/field trips, an inquiry approach to a project of interest, and/or other ideas).


No conferences? What if my child is struggling?

While we value the time conferences afford our teachers to engage with parents, we believe it is more important for all students, especially those who are struggling, to have more instructional time in classes. Our teachers are discussing ways to make time to reach out to parents of struggling students without the framework of formal conferences. As always, if you have concerns about your student’s progress, don’t hesitate to contact the teacher(s) directly to discuss.


What if there are more snow days?

The Oregon Department of Education has voted to allow school districts to waive up to 14 hours (roughly 2 days) of the instructional requirements for time lost due to snow days. Riverdale’s proposal, outlined above, already brings the majority of our students back to the state’s required hours. Should we have additional snow days this winter (including today), we do have this cache available to us, along with other possible options.


Your input welcome

If you have any thoughts or concerns about the proposal as outlined above, please email or reach out to one of the principals directly. Please provide input by Friday, Feb. 10.