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Riverdale again ranked high, report says

Posted on Sept. 11, 2018

cartoon man at computer giving thumbs up, says Way to go Riverdale teachers and schools

According to the 2019 ratings report by consumer research site Niche, Riverdale School District is once again the No. 1 District with the Best Teachers in Oregon and also in the Portland area. 

As a district, Riverdale was ranked the No. 2 Best Public School District in Oregon and Portland, and the No. 1 Best School District in Multnomah County

Riverdale Grade School was ranked the No. 2 Best Public Middle School and No. 3 Best Public Elementary School in both Oregon and Portland (and No. 1 in Multnomah County for both categories). Riverdale High School was ranked the No. 3 Best Public High School in Portland (No. 4 in Oregon and No. 1 in Multnomah County). 

And, with all of our continuing work around campus safety and security, it’s nice to see Riverdale ranked the No. 6 Safest School District in Portland (out of 32) and No. 1 Safest School District in Multnomah County

According to Niche's website, it rigorously analyzes data from the U.S. Department of Education along with test scores, college data and over 60 million K-12 school reviews and survey responses. High rankings indicate great schools with exceptional teachers, sufficient resources and a diverse set of high-achieving students who are very happy with the quality of education and go on to great colleges. In addition to academics and teachers, scores take into account health and safety, facilities, extracurriculars and activities, and sports and fitness. 

We are delighted that our district, which we have always known to be superb, continues to rank highly in the metrics used for this report, including the satisfaction of current and former students and their families.