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2019 Auction Paddle Raise

Posted on Jan. 23, 2019

hands raising paddles to bid at auction

Please raise your paddle for our students

Each spring, the district goes through a rigorous budgeting process and, inevitably, some items on our schools’ wish lists do not make the cut. Unlike other funds raised at the PTC auction, the money contributed by the community during the paddle raise is used solely to fund these school-specific requests. 

Join us on Feb. 23 at the Casino Royale Auction to roll the dice and raise your paddle for our students! Unable to attend, or want to contribute now? Click to raise a virtual paddle and make your donation.  


Riverdale Grade School paddle raise:

Diamonds are forever, but playgrounds aren’t!

Lets play! Help improve our children’s play space

The grade school playground was designed in 2010 and would greatly benefit from new equipment and reimagined design. This year’s paddle raise will begin a process of playground improvement in celebration of Riverdale’s commitment to student wellness. Examples of items that may be included in a playground renovation include: 

  • New, and possibly more, swings
  • New basketball hoop nets
  • Climbing wall
  • Better storage for outdoor play equipment 
  • More imaginative play options
  • Covered sandbox, or tactile experience for smaller children
  • Improved drainage
  • Equipment to make the playground exciting and functional for a wider range of ages
  • Reconfiguration of under-developed spaces

kids stepping on playground equipment  girl on swing

Riverdale High School paddle raise:

Diamonds are forever, but safe and reliable vehicles aren’t!

High school seeks new vans, plus climbing wall

Our high school has two requests this year:

  • A rotational climbing wall for the high school gymnasium — for PE and athletics use (click to view video)
  • Passenger vans to give our students more mechanically sound and comfortable transportation options. The high school has two 20-year-old passenger vans that are under-utilized due to age, lack of air conditioning, limited seating and unreliability. Our principal and athletic director are requesting one — and hoping for two — 15-passenger vans to get the students to a variety of activities. The vans would be used for transporting smaller teams to away athletic games and students to field trips, robotics competitions, field studies, etc. As district budgets get tighter around the state, money to fund athletics is being cut. Utilizing vans over bus rentals is estimated to save our district between $13,000-$15,600 every year.

This year’s high school paddle raise will begin the process of updating our transportation options and easing busing costs for our district. Plus, students will benefit from a new fitness option with the continuous climbing, rotational Freedom Climber.

passenger van  Freedom Climber rock wall

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