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Tech education program expands at high school

Posted on Dec. 27, 2018

RIVERDALE HIGH SCHOOL – Thanks to the efforts of technology teacher Adam McLain and new funding from Oregon’s Measure 98, Riverdale High School’s technology department is adding more options for students interested in technology careers. The expanded program begins with a mandatory freshman-level technology class and includes a four-trimester certificate course in web design and development. 

Freshmen taking the required course, Computers Demystified, may earn college credit through Western Oregon University via the Willamette Promise program. This one-trimester course is worth four college credits as Computer Science 160. 

Two goals of Measure 98 are to establish or expand programs in career and technical education (CTE) and college-level education opportunities for Oregon high school students. At Riverdale, those objectives are guiding the development of a new CTE certificate in web design. Interested students complete a series of three courses starting with the fundamentals of web design followed by classes in JavaScript and server-side programming. Skills learned in these three classes are put to practical use with a capstone project in which students create a website for a business or organization in the community. Mr. McLain says the capstone project may be completed individually or in small groups. 

Most Riverdale students, except for current seniors, will have the option of enrolling in this CTE program. Mr. McLain is developing the technical skills assessment with State of Oregon CTE directors to ensure Riverdale’s program meets state requirements.