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Student poetry shared on NPR

Posted on March 6, 2019

Riverdale 7th and 8th graders submitted poetry to NPR's Morning Edition with host Rachel Martin and segment guest Kwame Alexander. The prompt was "Love is..." From over 2,000 submissions, three Riverdale students’ entries were selected for the final crowd-sourced poem heard all over the world and published on the NPR website. See which parts of the poem were contributed by our students: 

Arianna O. (8th grade) – appears in first stanza

That intricate Rubik's cube that takes light years to unravel
The missing piece that fulfills every puzzle. 

Lucas Y. (7th grade) – appears in 8th stanza

Love is raindrops caring for the plants.
Helping them to grow to great big trees.
Making a loving home for the creatures of the forest. 
Dying only to give fertile soil for the plants to come.

Evan G. (7th grader) – appears in 13th stanza

Difficult, but not insurmountable;
Love is a mountain;
A journey not undertaken lightly;
A reward not gained easily.