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2018-19 Calendar year adjustments

Posted on April 16, 2019

No school on May 8, school extended to June 7

Several factors have required a few adjustments be made to the district’s academic year calendar that impact students and staff. Here are the main takeaways, followed by explanations. 

  • No school for ALL students on Wednesday, May 8, due to a furlough day for all Riverdale staff. However, the following activities will go on as planned: 7th and 8th grade field studies and high school AP exams (testing details will be sent to those registered).
  • No school for 7th and 8th grade students on Monday, May 13. Since the furlough day falls during the week our 7th and 8th grade students will be away for field studies, these grades and their teachers will instead take off the following Monday.
  • The last day of school will now be Friday, June 7 to make up for inclement weather this winter.

Explaining these decisions: 

Why a furlough day?

As part of the Riverdale Teachers Association contract, it was agreed that the district could implement one furlough day in the 2018-19 school year as a cost-saving method. This means a full day for all staff – licensed and classified – that is neither worked nor paid. Further, it was agreed this year’s furlough day would fall on a student contact day. A similar clause is in place for next year and, if deemed necessary, would instead fall on a non-student contact day. 

With our 2017-18 audit complete, the ending fund balance was below the agreed upon threshold to trigger the furlough day. Therefore, the Riverdale School Board has approved a furlough day for all district employees on Wednesday, May 8. This means all district and school buildings will be closed on this day. 

Most schools in the area are facing similar situations this year, with many calling for multiple furlough days. Riverdale is fortunate that we face only one. 

Why will it be on May 8?

It so happens that the Oregon Education Association has called on its members to take action – including a potential walkout on Wednesday, May 8 to protest nearly three decades of school budget crises and advocate for a significant K-12 investment that would stabilize educational funding. Many local school districts are anticipating the need to call an emergency cancellation of school that day due to their inability to adequately cover classrooms should the walkout occur. 

Together, in the spirit of cooperation, district and RTA leadership have decided to implement our district’s needed furlough day on May 8. This allows staff members the ability to support the day of action in Salem during unpaid time, without further disruption to the student schedule. 

As mentioned above, two events taking place on May 8 will go on as planned:

  • 7th and 8th grade field studies – these students and teachers will instead take the day off on Monday, May 13.
  • AP exams – high school students scheduled to test on this day will receive a notice with testing details, including a new location. 

Why are you extending the school year by one day?

The decision to use one of the three days allotted in the calendar as a snow day buffer is directly tied to lost instructional hours this winter. The last day of school was originally scheduled for a Thursday; however, the board has decided to shift one day to end school on Friday, June 7.