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Robotics team goes further than ever before

Posted on April 24, 2019

Riverdale robotics team

For the first time, Riverdale Robotics made it through to the district championships – which included the top 64 teams from Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. Keep in mind this is a big accomplishment for our little school – we’re always up against teams from schools of every size, and sometimes teams made up from several large high schools. Going into the championships, Riverdale was ranked 53rd. But in the end, our Team Pandamonium finished in 16th place with a record of 7 and 5.

Robotics teacher and coach, Adam McLain, says several factors contributed to this year’s success, including increased mentor support — an assistant coach and several dedicated parent volunteers. Also, he says, “The students did an excellent job, led by their captains, in making good decisions about how much to try to accomplish. There is always more a robot could do than we are capable of doing in the time we have available.”

Congratulations to the team and its 20 students, who spent approximately 1,700 hours building and fine-tuning the robot before competition season. We’re so proud of this team’s growth and accomplishments.

Click to see the robot in action (look for team 2915 in the lower right corner on the blue side).


Riverdale's robot for the 2019 competitions