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Fall 2020 Instruction Planning Information

Published on July 10, 2020

As parents and educators, we ALL wish we could just go back to normal and attend school like we used to do. Per guidance from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) for Riverdale's physical buildings' design/size, as well as our staffing capacity, our district's model will require us to be creative as it must comply with the guidance.

Interpreting State Guidance

Per ODE, there are three instructional models for schools in the 2020-2021 school year: On-Site, Hybrid, and Comprehensive Distance Learning.  

1. On-Site Instructional Model (100% “at-school” model) offers all instruction to students in-person with teachers in accordance with public health requirements outlined in the June 30, 2020 Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance for the School Year 2020-2021. Schools and districts around the state have differing abilities and constraints when offering this model.

2. Hybrid Models (“at-home”/“at-school” model) also offer on-site instruction through the use of cohorts, or small groups of students brought on campus in a structured way in distinct time shifts. These cohort groups stay together while present at school to limit mixing school populations and to better enable contact tracing. ODE strongly encourages using stable cohort groups to reduce COVID-19 spread.

Students can be part of more than one cohort during the school day, but with each new cohort there are increased health risks. Each cohort must have a system to ensure contact tracing can be completed; daily individual student or cohort logs are required; cohorts must be diverse groups of students that would typically be grouped in schools. For example, one cohort is the group that rides the bus together in the morning; the second cohort is when a child's stable cohort groups in a classroom; and a third cohort could be a small group meeting in support of instructional needs. We are exploring a variety of Hybrid options at this time. Please see the survey below. 

3. Comprehensive Distance Learning (100% “at-home” model) offers all instruction to students at home. CDL will be provided according to Riverdale’s high-academic standards with increased synchronous (live teaching) and asynchronous learning while meeting the child’s unique learning style and supporting their social/emotional needs. ODE requires that we provide this option to families who want to opt out of in-person learning this fall.  

Moving Forward at Riverdale:

For these reasons, our district is focusing on developing two models: Hybrid and Comprehensive Distance Learning. We anticipate the need to fluidly move in and out of a Hybrid Model, as well as provide some students with an entirely Comprehensive Distance Learning Model (100% at-home). 

When considering these models, schools within each district must approach the capacity to deliver instruction while keeping in mind two primary factors: 1. staffing and 2. physical buildings. All districts have unique possibilities and constraints. 

Staffing. Staff safety/health, staffing levels, teacher licensure/certification, and best practices determine our possibilities for instruction within the ODE guidance.

Physical Buildings. In RSD we have two physical buildings as our resource. Here are three photos depicting examples of Riverdale classrooms set up according to guidelines:  

K-4 classroom

RGS classroom K-4

RGS 5-8 classroom

RGS 5-8 classroom

Image one and two shows an optimal 12 student seats in RGS classrooms per classroom per ODE’s guidance.

RHS classroom

RHS classroom

There are 7-10 instructional seats available within a 9th-12th grade average sized classroom. When the ODE guidance is applied in the Riverdale School District, we do not have the physical structures to support all of our K-12 students in our buildings at once while maintaining physical distancing. (Below is ODE’s guidance on Required Physical Distancing.)

A small stakeholder committee, led by Principal Tobin, is analyzing ODE guidelines as well as several public/private school models to develop Riverdale's Operational Blueprint in the area of Instruction to send to the Superintendent and leadership team July 22.

If health requirements or ODE guidance changes, Riverdale will adapt and adjust. We are committed to providing a safe environment where our teachers, staff and all students come together this Fall to achieve high learning standards. We will continue to update you if things change and as we get closer to the opening of school.