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RHS Principal Transition Information

Published Aug. 24

RHS Principal Transition Information

Dear Riverdale High School Community, 

With Paula Robinson's departure, we will be dividing the principal role/responsibilities to three current employees to field questions and responses as we launch into the Return to Learn for Fall 2020 and to fill the leadership gap in the short term until we hire for the principal position. 

Leadership Transition Support: 

Sarah Hansen, HS Librarian - Facilitating connections and school go-to person for typical day-to-day and start of the school year questions. 

Kelsey Kaul, HS Counselor - Student support, Social Emotional Learning lead, questions regarding learning and how to access/experience success in Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Megan Ticer, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent - Fielding questions you may have previously sent to the principal (administrative license holder) and administrative support as needed (budget, student management and other questions specifically for school administration). 

As always, if you have questions we encourage you to go to the person closest to the situation first. Meanwhile, Kelsey, Megan and Sarah have kindly agreed to step in and help in the capacity outlined during this transition.  

Riverdale High School Principal Hiring Process:

We recognize the need to find the right person and this may take more time than outlined below. Meanwhile, we have urgency to start the process and continue onto additional rounds of interviewing as needed. 

  • Position posted (until filled) on Aug. 18
  • Initial screening of applicants Aug. 24 
  • Offer first round of interviews Aug. 25 
  • First round of interviews Aug. 28 

Thank you in advance to the following staff and parents who have stepped forward to serve on the RHS Principal Hiring Committee: Kathi Berens, Heather Bogaty, Christy Drogosch, Michelle Janke, Beth Johnston, Michele Rosenbaum, Kelsey Kaul, Sarah Hansen, Adam McLain, Dimati McPherson, Yingqing Nielsen, Paul Spellman, David Thompson, Grace Thompson, Joanna Tobin, David Warren, Cheryl Wright, Nigel Burton, Suzanne Zurasky and our RGS Interim Principal Stephanie Kendall.  

Thank you all as we come together to launch the school year. We will keep you updated. Take good care. 



Joanna Tobin, Acting Superintendent