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Thursday, Sept. 10

Riverdale High School News


Dear Riverdale High School Students and Families,

I hope this message finds all of you safe and well. The fires and smoke have impacted many of our families, please let us know if there is support that you need. 

I want to thank staff and students for helping make this a strong start to the school year with high levels of attendance and engagement. Thank you also for your patience and flexibility as we work through any technology and communication challenges. 

Schedule for Classes for September and October

Students and families, please read the section below carefully. In this section, I have included the three main daily schedules we will be cycling through during each week: ALL periods meet, ODD Periods (1,3, and 5) meet, and EVEN (2, 4, and Advisory) meet. On all three daily schedules, there is also applied learning time scheduled with academic focus areas on odd and even days. I also included a calendar for September and October that shows you which schedule will be running each day. 

The schedule can be found on the high school website under Academics > Daily Schedules and district website under return to learn > Daily Schedules. 


Here is an example for the week of September 14-18:

September 14: All Day

September 15: Odd Day

September 16: Even Day

September 17: Odd Day

September 18: Even Day

PSAT Update

Due to the current distance learning measures in place throughout the state, Riverdale will not be able to offer the PSAT/NMSQT test in October. College Board has added a Tuesday, Jan. 26 test date, and we hope to be able to offer our students a chance to take the test at that time.

AP Tests Update

Registration for all AP tests is due in November. In October, Robert Lovvorn and Sarah Hansen will send Riverdale students a survey where they will be able to express interest in any AP tests. Riverdale provides the opportunity for students to take AP tests that connect with our coursework, but we also encourage and assist students as they independently prepare for tests in subjects we do not offer. We highly encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity. RHS students have had a high level of success. Last year, 28 of our students took a total of 41 AP exams. 82 percent of RHS students earned a score of 3 or better and qualified for credit. 

Movement Time on Mondays

In our next communication we will share a link to Christy Drogosch’s yoga videos for the Movement Time on Mondays. I'm excited to try her yoga workout! 

Next Week

Next week, I will share plans for our online Back-to-School event for this year. I was able to meet and visit with 9th grade students this week. Early next week, I will be visiting grades 10, 11 and 12. I look forward to learning with all of you this year and supporting your success! 

In closing, I want to thank everyone for the support you have given to the school, staff and myself at the beginning of this year. I will be communicating frequently to keep you updated on events, resources and any changes. 

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!




Brian Flannery 

Riverdale High School Principal