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April 21 - Riverdale Grade School News

This week we have our hybrid students back full time and things are starting to resemble a new normal! Our office staff is handing out bandages, Antonio is busy wiping down desks, teachers are on recess duty, and we had our first fire drill. It is in these typical school day tasks that I am finding happiness. It is easy to not notice the small things we do each day and the impact they have. This pandemic has taken a lot from our community, but it has also given us a chance to appreciate and be mindful of the small routines that make up our day. The best part of my day is watching students arrive, hug and say goodbye to their parents, and rush to class to see friends and teachers. This year will end with new routines and joy.
Take care,
Acting Principal Jennifer McDonald 

Updates and Reminders

Bus Routes

We strongly recommend the busing option to help traffic flow for car pickup. Please communicate with your child what route number they will take. Email Suzanne Bevier with any questions.


On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, students will be placed 6 feet apart outside and will move under cover should we have bad weather. Lunch will be offered through Healthy Habits or students may bring their own. Healthy Habits will drop off their lunches on early release Wednesdays for students to take home with them. 


If your child will be going home with a friend, please arrange car pick up for that day. For the safety of our students, we are monitoring our busing cohorts carefully. Adding additional students can compromise cohorts and numbers on our buses. Thank you for your help to keep our students safe!

Chromebook Returns

With these new schedules, K-4th in-person students no longer need a Chromebook at home. Please return Chromebooks to your student's classroom teacher ASAP. 
In-person students in 5th-8th are welcome to return their Chromebooks unless they need them for online class. 
If you’re returning your Chromebook, please also be sure to bring the charging cord. Thank you!

Prior to Coming to School Each Day and Sick Student Reporting

If your child is sick, you must report symptoms to our attendance office. Also, if your student is in hybrid and staying home due to a non-Covid illness, we ask that they rest as they would during a typical school year. Students do not have the option to attend classes virtually unless they are quarantined due to a Covid exposure. Please have your child work with teachers to make up any missed work.
Students must stay home if they're sick. In an effort to keep everyone safe, please check your student(s) for the following:
  • In the past 14 days, my student has not tested positive for COVID-19
  • In the past 14 days, neither my student, nor any individual living in my household has been in contact with anyone who has/had a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • In the past 14 days, my student has not been advised to self-isolate or quarantine by a medical professional or a local public health official
  • My student does not have a fever (temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) without having taken any fever reducing medications
  • My student does not have a new or worsening cough
  • My student does not have any new or worsening shortness of breath
  • My student is not experiencing chills
If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, they must stay home. Please report their absence and symptoms to the office.

Restorative Justice Corner

As your child continues to grow every day, there is going to be more opportunity for them to learn to advocate for themselves. School is a safe and great place to practice the skill of communication. Students need to learn that how they communicate will make a big difference in how their message is received as well as how it makes others feel.
We can communicate verbally in different ways. Ask you learner what it means to communicate aggressively. This type of communication does not show respect or empathy. Examples of this type include spreading rumors and gossip, threats, bullying, and yelling. Ask your learner if they think this type is healthy and productive. Conversely, you can ask your student what they think it means to communicate passively. This type of communication allows someone to treat you disrespectfully. Or perhaps it is a means for avoiding a problem. This can include not standing up for yourself, being secretive, talking behind people’s backs, or ignoring. Ask your learner if they think this type is also healthy and productive.  
Finally, ask your child what it means to communicate assertively.  Assertive communication is explaining what you need while keeping in mind what others need. This type involves listening to others and making good eye contact, taking turns speaking, and using respectful language. Assertive communication is the type of communication we use as we practice restorative justice on our campus!  
Megan Lenard
RGS Restorative Justice Coach and Behavior Specialist


Important dates

  • Monday, April 26 - School Board Work Study at 4:30 p.m.
  • Monday, April 26 - School Board Meeting at 6 p.m.
  • Monday, May 10 - Board Work Study at 4:30 p.m.
  • Friday, May 14 - RGS Teacher Work Day (No School)