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May 27 - Riverdale Grade School News

Thursday, May 27

Riverdale Grade School News 

Dear Families, 
Every day I watch our staff not only nurture the minds of our children but also their physical and emotional health. I discovered this list of life skills we teach through curriculum as well as through our social initiatives and practices on a daily basis. Some of these skills are taught naturally through skilled teaching and some are taught more deliberately using specific curriculum. This list is helpful when looking at the skills our students need to be successful humans in a challenging world. I am grateful to have parents and community willing to team up and support our educators doing this important work. 
Enjoy your long weekend!
Acting Principal Jennifer McDonald


In year’s past, RGS recognized a parent volunteer who went above and beyond in the classroom with the BOOMPA award, named after extraordinary volunteer grandpa, David Carlo, who everyone fondly called “BOOMPA.” Bringing the award back this year, there are two fabulous volunteers receiving this award. Congratulations to Amy Blume-Marcovici and Ana Garcia-Peñuela on winning the 2021 BOOMPA Award.
Sharon Whitehill nominated Amy as she was a phenomenal Room Parent this year with all of her creative suggestions to make the CDL classroom fun and engaging during a challenging year. Nominated by Sara Marruffo-Blodget, Ana has taught Spanish to our native Spanish speakers and is extremely dedicated to a rich program for all students.


Summer School at RGS

Please fill out a form for each student you are registering. Complete and email to Tanya Steele or mail to: Riverdale Grade School, 11733 S Breyman Ave., Portland, OR 97219. This enrichment program has limited availability, so registration will be on a first come, first serve basis. Buses will not be available for this program. We ask that you submit this form before May 31. For any questions, please email Jennifer McDonald
Complete the Registration Form here

End-of-year Reminders


Remember to Bring Water Bottles Next Week

With the weather warming up after we return from a long weekend, we ask that you send students with their own water bottles. 

Class Parties

As we wrap up this year, we are thrilled to have end-of-the-year celebrations. Due to health and safety restrictions, parties and celebrations will be small and will not allow for outside family participation this year. Also, CDL student celebrations will be held online.

Instrument Returns 

Beacock Music will be on campus Wednesday, June 9 from 3-4 p.m. to collect instrument rentals. Rental return arrangements will need to be made on your own if the deadline is missed.

Chromebook Returns 

All on-site students must return their chromebooks before the end of the year. To ensure that the remaining 5-8th device loans are checked back in before the last day of school, here's the timeline for getting those devices back on campus:
  • Wed 6/2: Final 5-8th online specials class
  • Thu 6/3: 5-8th students return loaner Chromebooks to 5-8th teachers
There will be a separate plan to return Chromebooks for CDL students before the end of the year.


Summer Camp Opportunity with Aftercare

We are excited to bring students together to participate in camp activities at Riverdale Grade School this summer! Every week the camp includes a great mix of games, scavenger hunts, nature walks, art & crafts and more. Camps run from July 6th – August 13 and are open to any child from incoming kindergarten to grade 5. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Sign up here

Restorative Justice Corner

We’ve all heard of “active listening” and how it’s such a good thing. But what about “listening to understand and not respond?” We laugh in my family because my grandmother only listens to reply. If you’re speaking to her, you can literally see her not listening and her wheels turning, thinking about what story she wants to tell next. We appreciate it because she is a very animated and hilarious storyteller, but it can also lead to some misunderstandings.  
I was very fortunate to attend a professional development last week that focused on this idea, and it was transformative. Listening to understand looks like repeating the speaker’s ideas before commenting, refraining from judgement and not interrupting. Most importantly, it’s trying not to interpret the other person’s experience for them.  When we do this we can foster a deeper understanding of a message, and we can develop better relationships. A lot of conflict on campus stems from simple misunderstandings and assumptions or because the same event was perceived differently. Teaching our students to listen to understand can be a proactive way to avoid some conflicts and develop empathy.
Megan Lenard
RGS Restorative Justice Coach and Behavior Specialist


Important dates

  • Monday, May 31 - Memorial Day (No School)
  • Wednesday, June 9 - 8th Grade Promotion and Last Day
  • Thursday, June 10 - RGS Last Day of School