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June 3 - Riverdale Grade School News

Riverdale School

Thursday, June 3

Riverdale Grade School News 

Dear Families, 
I want to take a moment to acknowledge our 8th grade class. Next week, our 8th graders will be finishing the school year and leaving RGS. Many of these students have been here from preschool and kindergarten. This class has a very special place in my heart as they were my first class here at Riverdale. I am so proud of the resilient, kind and hard-working young adults they have become. RGS 8th Grade Class, I wish you well on your next journey and can’t wait to see the mark you leave on this world.
Acting Principal Jennifer McDonald

Summer Enrichment Placements

For those of you who have registered for summer enrichment classes, we will be sending out class confirmations at the end of the week.

End-of-year Reminders


Remember to Bring Water Bottles

With the weather warming up, we ask that you send students with their own water bottles. 

Instrument Returns 

Beacock Music will be on campus Wednesday, June 9 from 3-4 p.m. to collect instrument rentals. Rental return arrangements will need to be made on your own if the deadline is missed.

Chromebook Returns 

All on-site students must return their chromebooks before the end of the year. To ensure that the remaining 5-8th device loans are checked back in before the last day of school, here's the timeline for getting those devices back on campus:
  • Wednesday, June 2: Final 5-8th online specials class
  • Thursday, June 3: 5-8th students return loaner Chromebooks to 5-8th teachers
CDL students can return their Chromebooks to the front office on Friday, June 11 from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Summer Camp Opportunity with Aftercare

We are excited to bring students together to participate in camp activities at Riverdale Grade School this summer! Every week the camp includes a great mix of games, scavenger hunts, nature walks, art & crafts and more. Camps run from July 6th – August 13 and are open to any child from incoming kindergarten to grade 5. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Sign up here

Restorative Justice Corner

Nobody really has houseplants in Texas. I’m not sure why. Having spent 32 years living in the state, I don’t recall them being a thing at all. It wasn’t until I started teaching Environmental Systems at a high school and did a pollution unit that I learned how many toxins and pollutants are in household items and how we as a society do not really monitor indoor air pollution whatsoever. It was concerning to me. The easiest solution? Get some houseplants! Not only do they filter the air, but they reduce stress, look good, provide oxygen, boost creativity, and the list goes on!
I used to think indoor air pollution wasn’t an issue, but now I think it is important to be aware of and to look for solutions, such as buying safer products and utilizing houseplants. “I used to think....Now I think…” These sentence starters open up quite a conversation. Ideas can be explored, connections made, reasoning skills developed.  Why has your thinking changed? This is an excellent tool for normalizing taking in new information.  
Houseplants are an easy topic to use this technique on, but I am also using it for more complex subjects and beliefs that are much more difficult to challenge. You can try using this routine with your student. Start with something easy, like a topic from class or something new learned at home, and practice that for a while. It’s important to become comfortable with the routine before moving on to more challenging topics. You can find more information on this strategy for enhancing learning at the Project Zero website from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  
Megan Lenard
RGS Restorative Justice Coach and Behavior Specialist


Important dates

  • Wednesday, June 9 - 8th Grade Promotion and Last Day
  • Thursday, June 10 - RGS Last Day of School