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Aug. 27 - Riverdale Grade School News

Riverdale School

Friday, Aug. 27

Riverdale Grade School News


Principal's Blog

Welcome back to a new year! I am thrilled to be returning as the Interim Principal for the 2021-2022 school year. Our staff has been working through the summer to ensure a successful year full of learning, community, and traditions. 
We will begin this year by celebrating being together full time under one roof. While adhering to safety protocols, friendships will be rekindled and made, new staff will join our family, students will meet new teachers, and parents will enjoy a 1st day picture and drop-off at school. What we have done for years, now feels special and appreciated while we slowly return to normal. 
Read the entire message here

Q&A Follow-up

Thank you to all who attended the Q&A evening last week. The district is working on a FAQ document to update families on protocols. Here are a few items that have changed or been decided:
  • Masks will be required inside and outside while children are on campus 
  • Staff will be required to be vaccinated by October 18th
  • The music room will have two air filtration systems to filter the air
  • Special masks and instrument covers have been purchased to increase the safety in band
  • We are currently working toward offering on site testing, more info soon
  • Teachers have access to thermometers and PPE in each classroom
  • Dots will be placed around campus to help students stay 3’ and 6’ apart
  • A large tent will be delivered on September 12th to support lunch time
  • When the tent is set up, each student will have an individual table and stool to eat at (placed 6’ apart)
  • The play structure will be sanitized each morning
  • At this time, there is not an option for CDL, but the district is looking into this
There are many other protocols and processes in place. If you would like more specific information or are unclear about something, please reach out to Ms. McDonald.

Riverdale Kimochis Parent Event

Managing Emotions: How to Talk about Feelings so Kids will Talk about Feelings

We are excited to invite you to our Kimochis Kick-Off Virtual Parent Event on October 7, from 6-7pm. What are Kimochis? (Key.Mo.Cheez) means feelings in Japanese and is the social and emotional learning tool we are bringing to Riverdale to help create emotionally strong, connected, and compassionate kids. 
Come join Ellen Dodge, the founder and curriculum author of Kimochis and learn some fast, fun, and effective ways to make it easy for your kids to talk about feelings.
Parents will leave with effective communication tools to help your child manage feelings such as mad, sad, disappointment and frustration that can lead to BIG meltdowns, tantrums, shutdowns, and other challenging behaviors.
As a follow-up to this Kimochis Kick-Off event, be on the lookout in our “newsflash” for a Kimochis tool a month that will help give parents more communication tools that will help with the ups and downs with home life and school.

About Ellen Pritchard Dodge, M.Ed CCC-SLP

Ellen Pritchard Dodge is a recognized leader in character education and communication skills in the classroom. Ellen has published numerous books and articles in the area of social emotional learning. Ellen’s interactive workshop style and effective communication strategies and passion for raising children’s social and emotional intelligence makes her a sought-after speaker. Ellen has extensively taught in public schools in Northern California where her communication curriculum won a National Character Education award. Ellen with Dr.William Pollack, author of Real Boys, collaborated to create classrooms that are academically and socially engaging for boys through Supporting Our Sons. Since 2008, she has been the educational director and curriculum author for Kimochis®.
In 2013, Ellen served on Parenting Magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board. In 2017, Ellen recently launched, to help schools and homes partner to raise emotionally strong and resilient kids. The California Speech Language and Hearing Association bestowed Ellen, Honors of the Association which is the highest honor as a significant contributor to the field of Speech and Language Pathology and to the CSHA organization. Ellen is the mother of three daughters and lives in Northern California but treasures her midwestern roots and large extended family in Chicago.

Garden Update

We are so fortunate to have a dedicated garden space for our students to use for science, outdoor education, exploration, and much more. Last year, being the year it was, the garden was not utilized and maintained well. In collaboration with the PTC, the grade school has committed to get it up and running again. In coming weeks, there will be a call for volunteers to help with initial clean-up. Please continue to look for updates as we begin this exciting journey.

Updated Bus Routes

View the latest bus routes from FirstStudent here.

Care and Connection Week

The Oregon Department of Education is asking every school/school district to welcome its staff and students back with Care and Connection Week. This means devoting the first weeks of the school year to building relationships and community, and creating welcoming spaces for everyone. With the difficulties children have faced in the past year, we are dedicated to making every child feel loved and at home in our school. 
During our teacher in-service week, teachers used time to plan and collaborate social emotional learning into the typical first week curriculum. Our new art teacher, Torrie Fox, has a plan for a school-wide art project to bring us together. It has been inspiring to watch as teachers reach out to each other with resources and create classroom spaces that not only support student learning but also help students take ownership of their school. We will share more of our projects in the coming weeks.