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Dec. 10 Riverdale School District News

Friday, Dec. 10

Riverdale School District News


From the Riverdale Foundation

There is a week left in the Riverdale Foundation’s Annual Campaign, and we are already halfway to our $1.3 million goal with $648,193 raised to support staffing levels and curriculum within Riverdale School District. 189 school families have participated in the Annual Campaign, and 58 Riverdale community member families have contributed $47,295 to maintain excellence within Riverdale School District.  
Please help us meet this fundraising goal by pledging or donating to Riverdale Foundation’s Annual Campaign today. The Annual Campaign runs through December 17, 2021. Pledges do not need to be fulfilled until April 30, 2022. To donate or pledge, click here or visit us at  
We ask that resident and transfer families donate $3,500 per student and that tuition families donate $500 per student. Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated; if every family gives at a personally meaningful level, we will reach our goal together. ’Tis the season of generosity and giving, and we hope that supporting our students' education is top of your list this year!

Equity & Inclusion Corner

Holidays and Celebrations 

December 3rd was the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The purpose of this day is to build awareness of and promote equality for people with disabilities. Learn more here.
Happy Bohdi Day to our Buddhist community.  
December 10th is Human Rights Day, which commemorates the day the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
We hope those who celebrate have a wonderful Our Lady of Guadalupe Day.

8th Grade Leadership Facilitated Food Drive

The 8th Grade Leadership Team has been working hard to organize our Grade School Spirit Week and Food Drive. A whopping 650 food items were donated on Monday, the first day of the Food Drive! As of Tuesday, 4th grade was leading in items collected with a total of 528 items! We are so proud of all the 8th grade leaders who chose this project as their first school-wide activity. Thank you to the whole community for your generous donations.  
This weekend, students will be taking all of the contributions to the Lift Up Portland warehouse. We will keep you updated as to how many items we collect altogether!

PDX TransParent

PDX TransParent offers virtual monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:30 p.m. 
Any Portland-area caregiver in need of support as they love and care for their trans child(ren) are welcome to attend.

Second Portland Chapter Meeting

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 
6:30-8:30 p.m. Virtual meeting, by invitation only. 
In order to receive the Zoom link invitation, please fill out this Intake Form.
Email for more information.
- Abby Rotwein (she/her), Director of Equity & Inclusion


Riverdale Outscores on PSAT

PSAT scores were released last week, and not only did Riverdale students drastically outscore the Oregon and National averages, but they also scored better than Riverdale students who took the test in 2019.
We know that a lot of families are interested in this years’ PSAT data so as to get a better picture of where students are after a year and a half of distance learning. Further, it’s also important to place this data in context alongside both other 2021 PSAT test-takers and their pre-Covid 2019 counterparts. 

11th Grade Scores

The average PSAT score for 11th graders was 1149, meaning that the average Riverdale student scored better than 85% of students who took the test. This was also 2 points higher than the 2019 11th grade average score.

10th Grade Scores

The average PSAT score for 10th graders was 1059, meaning that the average Riverdale student scored better than 76% of students who took the test. This was 59 points higher than Riverdale’s 2019 10th Grade average.

9th Grade Scores

The average PSAT 8/9 score was 995, meaning that the average Riverdale 9th grader scored better than 87% of students who took the test. We did not offer the PSAT 8/9 during the 2019 year, so we will have better longitudinal data after introducing it this year.

The Data in Context:


The PSAT and SAT tests primarily cover content from Algebra 2. As students become more and more removed from their last Algebra 2 course, overall performance on the Math sections of the tests decreases. This is one of the reasons that significant test preparation before the official SAT can result in significant increases in scores. Students who have yet to finish Algebra 2 are at a significant disadvantage. 

Reading and Writing

Insofar as it comes to these scores, the overwhelming majority of juniors this year are prepared to take the official SAT or ACT. Forty percent of the junior class is already scoring in the 90th percentile. This number would likely increase with student preparation.

RHS Athletics News

Basketball Schedule

Basketball game dates can be found at Home games are listed on the image below. 

Swim Meet Schedule

The Riverdale Swim Team is hosting their first invitational meet of the season at the Lewis and Clark pool this Saturday, Dec. 11 at 2 p.m.
Spectators (12 and older) at all sporting events must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours. Masks are required. 


Volleyball All-League Selections

2nd Team
  • Ashley Koski 
  • Vittoria Corvelli 
Honorable Mention
  • Grace Gay 
  • Thais da Silva Corsi  

School Board Meeting Monday

The Riverdale School Board will hold a Board Meeting on Monday, Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. via GoToWebinar. Community members who would like to speak on items not on the agenda will have that opportunity at the beginning of the meeting. In addition, community members who would like to speak on agenda topics will be given an opportunity to do so after the board discusses that particular topic. There are two options for submitting public comment: Use the “raise hand” feature to then be unmuted to read aloud your comment, or email your comment to Chrisie Patrick, and she will read it.  
Register here for the GTW Board Meeting

COVID-19 Screening Testing Update

RGS & RHS are still collecting COVID-19 saliva tests every Wednesday morning for the screening program through OHSU. 
Please check the list below for issues related to the COVID-19 Weekly Screening Program, and email the school nurse Kory Darling at IF:
  • You have leftover COVID-19 screening kits after December 15th. This is so we can reduce wasted kits and send home less than four on the next round.
  • You need additional name/grade/DOB labels for any leftover vials, or after kits are sent home January 3rd. There should be four labels in every bag of four kits. We are not supposed to be writing names on the vials.
  • You would like to withdraw from the program. Otherwise, we will continue sending kits home to you, and it is a waste if they are not being used. 
  • You are not yet registered for the program and would like to sign a consent form for your student to participate in it going forward.
  • You have any other issue happening in regards to your child's weekly screening tests.
Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the optional testing program and participated during these past few months.

Important Dates

  • Monday, Dec. 13 - School Board Meeting at 6 p.m. via GTW
  • Dec. 20-31 - Winter Break
  • Friday, Jan. 14 - Teacher Inservice Day (No School)