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April 14 Riverdale High School News

Riverdale High School

Thursday, April 14 

Riverdale High School News


Classroom Highlights 

Students in Mr. Orton’s Sculpture class worked diligently to create various sculptures from cardboard. After learning more about the history of this art form, and seeing Pablo Picasso’s take on cardboard art with an abstract guitar in 1914, students began sketching their ideas before the sculpting began. Using three or more cardboard creation techniques, they sculpted their cardboard objects that referenced some interest or activity that they found themselves doing during the pandemic, such as a telephone, a fish (that can swim) and a candle, as displayed in these pictures.
We look forward to seeing much more art, not only from our high school students but also from our grade school students on District Arts Night on May 11.

Graduation Information

We are pleased to announce that Riverdale High School Graduation will be on Tuesday, June 7 at 7 p.m. at Lewis & Clark (L&C) College in the Agnes Flanagan Chapel. Each student will receive six tickets for seats at the chapel. 

Graduation Rehearsal June 6

Graduates will meet on Monday, June 6 at 9 a.m. at RHS and will all go over to L&C together on a bus. Caps and gowns can be picked up at RHS on June 6 following the rehearsal. Rehearsal is required, and students will be done by 12 p.m.

Graduation June 7

Graduates will report to L&C at 6 p.m. and will not be not available for pictures before the ceremony but will have ample opportunities afterwards. Diploma pickup will be right after the ceremony at L&C.
More graduation details and PTC graduation party information will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Model United Nations

MUN has ended for the year. They had a great time debating global issues at the state conference last week and look forward to returning to the University of Oregon for next year's 75th anniversary conference! The secretariat (state-level student leaders) and executive board are planning some special events to celebrate the anniversary.

Want to get involved?

- Country drafts are April 28th. If you have ideas for what countries you would like to represent next year, share them with Mrs. Hansen or a MUN student delegate.
- Consider forecasting for the Model UN Class next year. Get all the prep-work required to attend the conference done during the school day!
- They will also have regular club meetings next year for students who want to participate in MUN as an extra-curricular. Those meetings will be used to prep for the conference, plan their trip and fundraise.
- Try it out! There are low-pressure fall and winter mini-conferences that allow you to see what MUN is all about.
Remember, MUN is FUN!


State Testing Dates

Riverdale High School juniors will take required state tests during their Chemistry and Civics classes. Learn more about how state tests results are used and parental rights here. Contact Sarah Hansen with questions about state testing.
Math: April 18-20 during Chemistry
Science: April 21-22 during Chemistry
Language Arts: May 2,4,6 during Civics


Food Drive Donations Needed!

RHS is hosting a food drive for the Oregon Food Bank from April 4-28. We are looking for non-perishable, boxed, and canned foods in particular. The donation boxes will be in the lobby and there will be one in Ms. Keldorf's room. Please bring as much food as you can! If you have any questions, please contact Truly Martin or Layla Rosenthal directly. 

Parent Night Recaps

Find the Sophomore Parent College Night slides and recording below from Robert Lovvorn.



Paddle Raise Update

Last year's Paddle Raise was earmarked for high school STEM resources. The science department is using the money to update the lab, investing in state of the art measurement tools so that students can experience the most modern lab techniques. These tools allow for more hands-on work in science and math classes, and are going to be used for years to come. They will allow for meaningful engagement with material covered through Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, giving the students the opportunity to use modern measurement and lab practices that they will see in college and beyond. Thank you to the PTC for their continued outstanding support of our programs.

Important Dates

  • Thursday, April 14 - Freshman Parent College Night from 6-7 p.m. via Google Meet
  • Wednesday, April 20 - College Workshop IV | In-depth Essay Brainstorming and Writing
  • Friday, April 22 - Teacher Inservice Day (No School)
  • April 28 & 29 - Conferences (No School)
  • Wednesday, May 11 - District Arts Night at RHS from 6-8 p.m.
  • Wednesday May 11 - College Workshop V | Common College Essay Supplementals
  • Wednesday, May 25 - College Workshop VI: Beginning the Application Process Over the Summer