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June 8 Riverdale Grade School News

Wednesday, June 8

Riverdale Grade School News



Dear RGS Community, 
This is a special day for an exceptional group of students. Congratulations to the RGS 8th grade class on your promotion to high school. 
Being part of my first class at Riverdale, and getting to teach you for two years, I feel pride and awe as I think about how this class has grown over the last 8+ years. This group holds artists, athletes, political leaders, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, social activists, educators, engineers and many other roles that I am confident will lead us to great places as we navigate our complicated world.
When you were in 1st grade, we did a unit about sustainable communities. We talked about what makes a community a place where we can work and live together in a kind and safe way. As 6 year olds, you identified the need for libraries, garbage facilities, grocery stores, fire stations, schools and post offices. You were right, communities need these buildings to thrive, but you are becoming what makes up the most important parts of these communities: the people in them.
Not only have you become taller, stronger and more knowledgeable, I have watched this class become leaders for change and social justice. I have seen this class disagree politically, yet maintain productive conversations and the ability to hear others. This is a class of resilient humans who are kind and have strong minds. 
You will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to hear who each one of you becomes as you are true to yourself and the communities you surround yourself with. 
Tomorrow night you will celebrate your promotion while I am attending my daughter’s high school graduation. Although I won’t be there physically, I want you to know that I will be thinking of you as you move to this next, very important time in your life and I wish you nothing but happiness.
With love and fondness, 
Jen McDonald
Riverdale Grade School Principal 

Staff vs. Students Basketball Game 

Staff and 8th grade students competed in the first annual Staff vs. 8th Graders Basketball Game on Monday. RGS students filled the stands to watch and cheer on their favorite players. 8th graders gave it their all, but the teachers came out on top with a score of 47 to 38.
Congrats to the 8th grade class on finishing out your middle school career.

End-of-Year Garden Update and Thank You 

We are so excited to get to be back in the garden after almost two years away. Colette, our new garden instructor, and Michelle, our continuing instructor, have had so much fun with spring activities, while juggling rainy days. Along with the usual preparing of the soil, planting food and weeding, the students have been practicing scientific drawing, making art from radish pigments, building habitats using natural found materials, and generally learning to work together socially again. We are super happy to be coming back in the fall, just in time to harvest the bounty the students have been planting and tending. Thank you to the whole community for your interest and support for this program.

Return all Riverdale Items

Please be sure that your student has returned all of their school books, uniforms and any other items belonging to the grade school.


Two Options for Buying School Supplies 

If you don't purchase pre-packed supplies through the PTC before June 12, you’ll need this 2022-23 school supply list by grade to start your shopping. 
All 5th-8th graders should also click here to view the band supplies list. Band supplies were not included in PTC school supply packs.
Please note, in addition to the items listed on the grade list, each student needs to bring:
  • a backpack (or binder depending on grade: 5th-6th grades = 4" D-Ring Zipper Binder, 7th-8th grades = five 1-inch binders)
  • shoes suitable for PE
  • a personally labeled water bottle
  • 6th graders will need a Scientific Dual Power Calculator
  • 7th/8th grades will need a TI-84 graphing calculator and headphones with built-in microphone (must have compatible Chromebook jack; not iPhone 7 or higher model)



Claim Lost & Found 

Please claim lost & found items before Wednesday, June 8. All L&F items can be found on the large coat rack located in the commons or grade school entryway. Anything not claimed before the end of the school year will be donated to charity.

Important Dates

  • Thursday, June 9 - 8th Grade Promotion at 7 p.m. at RGS Gymnasium
  • Thursday, June 9 - Last Day of School