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June 9 Riverdale High School News

Riverdale High School

Thursday, June 9  

Riverdale High School News

Hello Everyone,
I can’t believe it is already time to wish everyone a happy summer. As the year draws to a close, I have a few messages I would like to share.  
The first is congratulations to the Riverdale Class of 2022. Your high school career has been anything but typical, but I believe it has prepared you well for the tumult that life beyond school has in store. You have all the skills necessary for success in life beyond high school. Your intelligence and thoughtfulness were never on stronger display than during Senior Exhibition with research projects that were well-developed and points of view on complex problems that showed nuance and clarity. Along with that, they demonstrated a dedication and grit developed not only through that process, but through the last few years of high school unlike any others I’ve experienced. Congratulations on this accomplishment, and I look forward to hearing about your many accomplishments in the future.  
My second message is one of thanks. Thank you to the Riverdale students, staff, parents, and community for the support and kindness you have shown myself and my family in our first year as members of the Riverdale community. I have enjoyed the chance to work in this district that is so dedicated to student success and providing the resources necessary for our schools to be great and our students to flourish. In the years to come, I am excited to continue the work we’ve started this year to make sure that our academic programs support the best possible learning for our students and to ensure that our culture is one of kindness and care for our fellow people.  
Finally, at the close of every school year I like to reflect on the achievements of the students and staff, and the ways we can continue to improve in the future. I believe that we have had a great year and that we have a foundation for even better things in the future. We are building programs to respond to the needs of our students, including Freshman Academy to give our 9th graders the tools for success in high school. We are continuing the development and modernization of our technology and STEAM resources, while also focusing on updated district-wide safety plans and procedures. Riverdale Grade School Principal Jen McDonald and I continue to work together to bring a strong sense of community to our schools, and encourage our students and staff to work together in ways that benefit everyone academically and socially.  
My view for the future of Riverdale High School, and the Riverdale School District in general, is bright. With the amazing support of our community, we are putting in place solid systems and a positive, growth-focused culture. I look forward to the continued work to bring the best possible schools to our community.  
Bart K. Hawkins (he/him/his)
Principal, RHS
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Library Materials Due

Make sure to return your library books today! Thanks!
- Mrs. Hansen


Jory Mental Health Summer Info 

Jack and Steven will be at RHS every Wednesday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. beginning on June 15 through the entirety of summer break and are available for check-ins, either via google meets or in-person at RHS. To schedule a check in with either Steven or Jack, please click the button below!
We will also be hosting our Stressed Out?! group. Stressed Out?! is a group for building community and skills to support us in navigating the stress of being a human more effectively. We will meet every Wednesday from 1 - 2:30 p.m. Please use the form below if you are interested in joining us for a group (alternatively folks can email or just show up too!).
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Seniors, Please Complete!

As you know, seniors, your Riverdale email address will no longer work at the end of this school year. And we’d like to be able to stay in touch. So, please take a moment to provide your contact information in the form below. This will allow us to keep you posted on fun Riverdale news, gatherings and reunions, and more!
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Important Dates

  • Thursday, June 9 - Last day of school
  • Friday, June 17 - Last Day for Incomplete Work from Trimester Three
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