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Aug. 25 Riverdale High School News

Riverdale High School

Thursday, Aug. 25

Riverdale High School News


Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year


Principal's Message

Hello Everyone,
We’re back! I am happy to welcome everyone back to Riverdale High School for the 2022-23 school year. Our staff has been hard at work getting ready to welcome everyone on Monday. They are ready to start the year off with excitement and get right into learning and teaching. 
As we start the year, please communicate with us about your student’s experience. If there are things you need clarified, questions that pop up, concerns you have, or even just a gratitude for a job well done, let us know. We are dedicated to providing the best learning experiences we can for all students, and your input can help guide our efforts.  
Please take a close look at some of the information below, as there are changes that students and caregivers need to be aware of. Pay close attention to the info on parking - we don’t want anyone getting towed! There will be intros of our new staff in the district enews tomorrow, so please look for those. We have some great additions to our staff.   
Welcome back everyone, let’s have a great year.  
Bart Hawkins (he/him/his)
Riverdale High School Principal

Safety in and outside of school

Buildings remain locked

All back and side entrances to the schools will remain locked during the school day. Parents/caregivers must use the buzz-in entry system at the front door of the school.
The school is not supervised after 5 p.m. and students will be sent out of the building at that time. When teachers and all staff are gone, there is no one available to manage an emergency. Therefore, no one will be allowed to remain in the building after 5 p.m., even in poor weather, unless they are directly supervised by a coach/director/teacher/club advisor. This is a liability and safety requirement.

Parking Lot Etiquette & Info

In order for our students and families to remain safe, please follow some simple and respectful tips:
  • The front of the building at the main steps is the bus zone (actually the emergency zone). At morning drop off and afternoon pick up, please keep this area clear, as there is no other place for the buses to go. Do not park in the red painted emergency zone. Thank you.
  • During morning drop off and afternoon pick up - our most congested time - please turn right as you exit the parking lot to keep the flow exiting. There is often commuter traffic, which makes attempting to turn left time-consuming, causing a difficult back-up in the lot. 
  • Our land use agreement (we rent the land upon which the building we own stands) states that “staff and students may not park on any neighborhood streets.”
  • Mt. Carmel Lutheran Parking Closed to Students - RHS students may no longer park in the Mt. Carmel Lutheran parking lot. Students should expect to have their vehicles towed if parked there.

Computers are Available

We have Chromebooks in the library for students to check out on a daily basis. Students may go to the library in the morning to check out a computer and return it at the end of the school day. Students can access the library printer from school Chromebooks and desktop print stations in the library. We do not want anyone to go without a device if they need one to borrow for the school day. Students are responsible for lost or damaged devices they check out.

Safety Tip Line

Bullying and Online Reporting

Our website has a location to report bullying, found under Resources > Safety Tip Line. It is important that you realize we take bullying seriously and work to keep RHS a safe environment in which your student can grow and thrive. Please encourage breaking the code of silence as we work together to create a positive work space for EVERYONE.

PTC Emails 

The Riverdale Parent Teacher Club (PTC) is an independent nonprofit that sponsors events and activities to support our students and schools. Make sure to check out its new website and create an account to receive PTC communications, including its weekly newsletters for RGS and RHS families. Note that PTC communications are separate from and not managed/sent by the district.


Should you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Wright or Grace Thompson.

Healthy Habits Lunch Information 

If you are new to orgsonline, please create an account using 213RGSOROR, and check out our offerings! 
You will be able to continue ordering for September 12th thru September 30th until September 6th. There is more information on the orgsonline Message Board.


Riverdale Enews

The district, grade school and high school send emails to parents regularly, using the email address you provide on your ParentVUE online registration. Add as a contact or trusted sender to ensure you receive these emails (and avoid them ending up in your spam folder).
Please do not "opt-out" at the bottom of these emails. Opting out means you will no longer receive ANY emails from Riverdale. Simply ignore or delete those that don't interest you. 
If your email address changes, or you stop receiving our emails at any point throughout the year, please notify the school right away. Enews throughout the year will contain extremely important information, so please check in with a fellow parent to ensure they are receiving the latest communications from the district. Most enews can be found under "About Us" > "District News".


Follow Riverdale on Social Media

Follow Riverdale's district-run social media pages at Riverdale School District on FacebookYoutube and @riverdaleschooldistrictk12 on Instagram to get the latest updates about the high school and grade school.  
To potentially be featured on district social media, please email a photo and short caption of the exciting things students are doing. You can also tag the district in posts and use #RiverdaleSchoolDistrict when posting your child's back-to-school photos to have the opportunity to be featured on one of our pages. 

Important Dates

  • Friday, Aug. 26 - New Student Orientation at RHS
  • Monday, Aug. 29 - First Day of School
  • Monday, Sept. 5 - Labor Day (No School)
  • Thursday, Sept. 15 - Picture Day