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AP Testing

AP Testing

While Riverdale does not offer AP courses, every year many of our students take AP tests that connect with our coursework or that they prepare for independently. 

This year, students, especially juniors and seniors, may be interested in a number of particular tests: AP Calc AB, AP US Government and Politics, AP Biology, and AP English Language and Composition. If you haven’t already had the conversation and think that you may be interested in one of these tests, talk to your teacher who covers that particular subject. Students interested specifically in AP English Language should talk with Robert Lovvorn, Riverdale’s College Counselor.

Recently, students have independently prepared for the following exams, among others: AP Computer Science Principles, AP Biology, AP Psychology, AP US History, AP US Government, AP World History, AP Music Theory, AP Spanish, AP Chinese, AP Japanese, and AP French. If you are interested in self preparing for an exam, reach out to Robert Lovvorn to discuss how best to proceed.


To register for an AP exam, students should head over to College Board’s My AP website. If a student does not already have a College Board account, they will have to create one. Once one has an account, one will be able to register for a specific test using Riverdale’s list of AP Join Codes. If you are having trouble figuring out how to register, College Board provides detailed instructions for Joining an AP Class Section and Registering for an Exam.

Registration must be completed by November 15th, 2022. The cost for each exam is $97, and there is a required non-refundable deposit of $40, which will be used to cover any cancellation fees. Students who wish to register for a test after this date are assessed an additional $40 late fee. Late registration is available until March. 

The deposit for these exams is due by November 15th. Directions are provided on the Riverdale AP Testing Agreement, which must also be turned in with the deposit. A separate AP Testing Agreement and deposit must be turned in for each test a student chooses to take.

Final Payments: Must be submitted by March. Students who wish to submit their payment in full by the November 15th deadline may do so.