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RHS provides shelter from the storm

Posted on Jan. 4, 2017

Riverdale High School found itself acting as an impromptu shelter the Wednesday before winter break, during the storm that shut down the city. Aside from several students whose parents were trying to make their way through the thick traffic and hazardous roads to claim them, a menagerie of local Portlanders stopped in seeking refuge.

Principal Paula Robinson says it was a revolving door, though there were a few folks who remained several hours – including a nurse whose car went off road, a man who works for the Department of Agriculture, a nanny and a pregnant woman who was very near her due date. She adds, “The kids were wonderful, they did homework, taught each other to knit, sang Christmas songs, visited with the guests that arrived and were very nice to hang out with.” One guest even called it “The Inn at Riverdale High.”

Luckily the last travelers were on their way home by 11 p.m., closing the inn after a very long, wintry day.

Look for more of this story in the next issue of the Riverdale Review, which will be sent to homes in February.


Group of adults and children pose for photo in the lobby of Riverdale High School

Man who sought shelter at Riverdale High School during the storm takes a nap leaning against the wall  Kids play board games at Riverdale High School during the winter storm