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Announcing 2016-17 Scholastic Art Award winners

Posted on Jan. 25, 2017

Riverdale High School is excited to announce our 2016-17 Scholastic Art Award winners. Art teacher David Schell reports that our students “had a really good response from the jurors this year” with some earning multiple awards. “The competition is fierce and these are tough awards to get, especially the Gold Keys,” he says.

Here are the awards earned by our students: 


Watercolor painting of fall leaves Caleb Jacobson (10th grade)

GOLD KEY: "Fall Carpet," Watercolor (pictured)

GOLD KEY: "Long in the Horn," Painting

SILVER KEY: "Toxic Tide," Watercolor

HONORABLE MENTION: "Arboreal Abodes," Drawing 

Lucie Meier (12th grade)

GOLD KEY: "Nature's Abstraction," Charcoal Drawing

GOLD KEY: "Companion," Acrylic Paint

SILVER KEY: "Death is Beauty," Charcoal Drawing

HONORABLE MENTION: "Glimpse of Light," Charcoal Drawing

 Painting of two men, one in side view and one facing front Sam Hinerfeld (11th grade)

GOLD KEY: "Pablo," Acrylic Paint

GOLD KEY: "Not the Rapper," Acrylic Paint (pictured)


Charcoal portrait of a young lady with long dark hair Melanie Henderson-Sjoberg (11th grade)

GOLD KEY: "Kathryn," Charcoal Drawing (pictured)

SILVER KEY: "Marisa," Charcoal Drawing

HONORABLE MENTION: "Summertime," Photograph

HONORABLE MENTION: "Annabelle," Charcoal Drawing


 Carmen Quintos (10th grade)

SILVER KEY: "Creed," Acrylic Paint

SILVER KEY: "Maldivian," Acrylic Paint

SILVER KEY: "Frank," Acrylic Paint

Kathryn Luu (12th grade)

SILVER KEY: "Art the Bee," Drawing

SILVER KEY: "Monarch" Drawing

Lana Botney (12th grade)

SILVER KEY: "Coup," Mixed Media

HONORABLE MENTION: "Deces," Photography

Alex Zinck (10th grade)

SILVER KEY: "NoNoNo," Mixed Media

HONORABLE MENTION: "Warmhearted," Acrylic Paint

Eva Hyland (11th grade)

SILVER KEY: "Beyond the Waves," Mixed Media

Seth McFarlane (12th grade)

HONORABLE MENTION: "A Lesson in Cubism with Steve Buscemi," Acrylic Paint

HONORABLE MENTION: "Lunch at Cafe Miette de Pain," Drawing

HONORABLE MENTION: "The Receptionist," Charcoal Drawing

Abi Hoem (12th grade)

HONORABLE MENTION: "Amalia H. Fredrickson Hoem: Paternal 3rd Great-Grandmother," Drawing

HONORABLE MENTION: "Clara M. Koelz Suess and Henry X. Suess: Maternal 2nd Great-Grandparents," Drawing

Courtny Pickering (12th grade)

HONORABLE MENTION: "Letters," Drawing

Marissa Thomas (11th grade)

HONORABLE MENTION: "A Few of My Favorite Things," Watercolor Painting