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Riverdale's bridge building reign continues

Posted on March 6, 2019

Riverdale High School's top two bridge building contest winners  with coach and officials

Riverdale once again swept all top 20 spots at the Oregon Regional Model Bridge Contest, with the top two students, junior Jack Bride (with an efficiency of 4,166 – so far the highest efficiency posted nationwide!) and sophomore Alden Tinkham (with an efficiency of 4,065), qualifying to move on to the international competition in Baltimore, Maryland on April 6. 

Congratulations to all participating students for putting forth such great bridge building efforts and maintaining Riverdale’s winning record. And thanks to the roughly 50 students and many parents who attended, giving us the largest turnout we've ever had!

It may be something we’ve grown accustomed to, but let’s not diminish how truly impressive Riverdale’s bridge building program really is – take a look at a recent article in the Lake Oswego Review about this year's program and wins, along with a look back at this June 2017 Riverdale District newsletter article, "Building bridges, and winners."